Back To The Books


We had a great {freezing!} 4th of July and I'll update about that all soon, but today. Tonight. I go back to school after being on a break for a very wonderful 2.5 weeks.I've been saying to many, many people that this quarter is going to be EASY. CAKE.I think I may have to eat my words.Hoping and … [Read more...]

Guess That Answers My Question


*sigh*My dad found my blog.I had wondered before if he knew about it since I'd commented on his blog before. I should've know that if he knew about it he would've said something.See over there on the right? The blog under Family & Friends titled Boardman Country? That's my dads blog. See the … [Read more...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Online Marketing - |

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