TST: Director’s Choice


As I mentioned a few days ago, my mom and her friend were supposed to go to the ballet, in Seattle, last week, but her friend double-booked herself so she wasn't able to go. She gave my mom her ticket and my mom asked me if I'd like to go with her.Sure! Why not? The only ballet I've ever been to … [Read more...]

TAT / TST: The Anti Song Bird


At the end of my 8th grade year, we had a graduation, with performances.My class only consisted of about 10 students.Together, we all sang "Lean On Me". I know there were a few other things that happened, too, but honestly, I can't remember what they were...this was a long time ago. LOLThe girls in … [Read more...]

TAT / TST: Me? A Cheater?


Driver's Ed.Ahhhh....Fun. Times.I was 15 1/2. Gearing up to get my driver's license, but of course, had to take the required class.This particular day, we were in the simulators.And we had a test.I don't remember if we did the simulator and then had a test or if we had a test and then did the … [Read more...]

True Story Tuesday: Our Engagement Story {re-posted}


**I am re-posting this since we're ACTUALLY HERE on the 8th anniversary of when it happened AND I have a lot more followers since the last time I posted this.** Don't mind the quality of the pictures...I scanned them just for this post. I figured since I showed you a picture from when we got … [Read more...]

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