Happy Birthday To My Bestest Friend!!


Today is my Best Friend's Birthday.Jewel turns 30 today!! Woohoo!! Now she's "old" like me. Heehee!!Her and I have been friends since 6th grade. We used to get into a bunch of mischief together that has caused us some embarrassment over the years, but without that, we wouldn't have the fun(ny) … [Read more...]

The Guiding Light…The Protector


Image from Google I don't know what it was, but something triggered a memory for me last week. I wanted to share this story with you. I just think it's a cool representation of God's protection.A few of the details are a bit foggy, but we'll just see where my fingers take us here.When I was 19, I … [Read more...]

TAT / TST: BFF’s Do La Conner {WA}


Last week the BFF's and I headed out to La Conner, WA. Not sure why, but I was thinking it was an island...Jewel corrected me and it is NOT an island...which I kind of gathered once we got there. LOLOnce I figured out how to parallel park my vehicle {I suck...it was one of two things I got marked … [Read more...]

True Friends


The rules are to give this to five people who you consider true online friends.EDIT: I remembered in my sleep that I had forgotten to put who I had received this award from. And then I went to find the paper I had written it down on and it's no where to be found. If you originally gave this award … [Read more...]

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