Stiff and Sore


That's how I feel today, which I guess is normal after an accident.I slept in today and then talked with the insurance company and I still have to talk to the other four insurance companies, but I'll probably do that tomorrow.  Talking with mine was enough for today.An adjuster is going to be going … [Read more...]

Well, That Was Fun…NOT!!


Today did not go as planned.In fact, that's an understatement!I went to work this morning like usual.I was planning on going to meet a new family that I'm going to be working with next week.  I was going to be leaving work about 3:30 to head there.  They live close to me, too so it was going to be … [Read more...]

Getting Into The Spirit


{Courtesy of Google Images} Yesterday we finally unburied all of the Christmas decorations.  It's always quite the feat since it's all tucked way back in the depths of our storage area under the stairs.  It's pretty well organized but it's just taking everything out that's in front of it all.While … [Read more...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Online Marketing - |

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