Friday Fragments / Aloha Friday: Just Random


Hey All!Today is Friday!! Time to unleash all the random thoughts that are clogging your head. So, join in and have fun!First of all, THANK YOU all SO much for your kind thoughts yesterday! Even though I don't talk about my infertility as much as some other "infertility blogs" I'm still glad that … [Read more...]

Friday Fragments / Aloha Friday: Spring Break Edition


This week has been so uneventful.I'm kind of bored with myself.Since I've been doing homework for the past three months and now I have nothing to do, I'm just kinda lost.Those of you that commented on my "Keepin It Real" post, I wasn't posting that picture for any other reason than I thought it'd be … [Read more...]

Four. Point. Oh.


Well, almost.I have a 4.0 in two classes and 3.8 in the other!!!Can I just say how frickin EXCITED and PROUD of myself I am?Completely!!Do you remember my posts from before the quarter started? I was scared out of my ever-lovin-mind! But I survived that first day and I survived every day after.On … [Read more...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Online Marketing - |

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