My DVR Is 100% Full


{Courtesy of Google Images} That alone should say just how busy I've been.  I haven't even had time to watch tv!  I'm so behind in everything!!Where have I been?Well, this whole last week I was at the UW Medical Center doing my CNA externship on the renal {kidney, liver, well as some … [Read more...]



{Courtesy of Google Images} I'm starting to stress a little. It's the end of the quarter, basically, and I've got SO MUCH TO DO!!Tomorrow {as well as Wednesday and Thursday} is my EKG externship at the same hospital that I did my Phlebotomy externship.  It's also the same hospital that my EKG … [Read more...]

My Mind Is A Jumbled Mess


{Thanks Google Images} I've been trying to figure out what I want to post for a couple weeks.  Pathetic, right?  The fact that school is kicking my butt isn't helping anything.  I can barely focus.  But I need to clear my head so...~~~~~ My mind is all over the place therefore, so is this post.I'm … [Read more...] Registered & Protected | | Get your own free Blogoversary button! | Online Marketing - |

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