Hey! Guess What?


{Courtesy of Google Images} School and me?  We're FINISHED!  DONE!  Never to meet again...{unless I change my mind in the future}!!!I can't even express to you how flippin EXCITED I am!!!I am so damn proud because I did AWESOME, if I do say so myself!No idea what my FINAL GPA is, but I know is … [Read more...]

Hey! Guess What!!


It's FRIDAY!!The sun is SHINING BRIGHT!!AND....FINALS ARE OVER!!!Time to PAR-TAY!!! … [Read more...]

Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh!


I just got my 100th follower! NO ONE is allowed to stop following me now! LOLSo exciting! Who knew when I started this blog in October that people would actually want to read it, let alone this many!***Happy Dance***Thanks LisaMarie for being number 100!Everyone should check her out. She's got … [Read more...]

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