Time Flies!

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Hey Friends! I feel like it's been forever since I've written anything, but I guess that's because it HAS been. ;0) I started my new job on July 23rd and it's going AMAZING!!  I LOVE IT!  I can not tell you how happy I am right now.  I forgot what it was like to go to a job that you … [Read more...]

Victoria, B.C., Continued…


In telling you about our Anniversary / birthday weekend, I left you with the fact that we're total party animals {HA!}! So, on Saturday {Kyle's birthday} we woke up to rain and got ourselves ready to go and find some breakfast.  I think by the time we found a place that had food I could eat, it … [Read more...]

My Mind Is A Jumbled Mess


{Thanks Google Images} I've been trying to figure out what I want to post for a couple weeks.  Pathetic, right?  The fact that school is kicking my butt isn't helping anything.  I can barely focus.  But I need to clear my head so...~~~~~ My mind is all over the place therefore, so is this post.I'm … [Read more...]

It’s Time To Get Our Frag On!


It's Friday and I'm back to Fragging so hold on to your seat belts and let's get this show on the road!!I mentioned awhile back that I needed new tires.  I REALLY needed new tires.  My car {Er, SUV} is a 2006 and it's never had the tires replaced.  We've known for awhile now that we needed to … [Read more...]

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