I’m Ok. Really.


But I'm going to say a few things that may make it seem like I'm down in the dumps at the moment. I'm really not, though. Just "thinking out loud".I read a lot of blogs. A lot of the bloggers are mothers. I love hearing about the silly things their kids are doing and saying and seeing their … [Read more...]

You’ve Been Warned. This Is A Pity Party.


The thing that has been on my mind, the most, the past couple weeks is this.I don't know how I'm supposed to be praying.It's frustrating.We're going on 6.5 years of trying to have a baby. The past year and a half, we've done nothing as far as treatments.In January we went to Presentation Sunday to … [Read more...]

Empty Arms


A couple years into our journey, someone I know showed me this link. I've kept it in my favorites since then. It's basically my life, all laid out right there. Check it out.http://www.tearsandhope.com/ Our story isn't unusual and we haven't gone to quite the lengths that a lot of couples have, … [Read more...]

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