I Don’t Even Know What To Say, But I Need Your Help!


I'm SO upset about this and completely disappointed that I even have to say anything negative about this. If you remember, someone contacted me in July about holding a fundraiser for our Infertility Fund.  First, it completely caught me off guard and shocked me because I was surprised that anyone … [Read more...]

TAT / TST: The Anti Song Bird


At the end of my 8th grade year, we had a graduation, with performances.My class only consisted of about 10 students.Together, we all sang "Lean On Me". I know there were a few other things that happened, too, but honestly, I can't remember what they were...this was a long time ago. LOLThe girls in … [Read more...]

Wordful Pictureful Wednesday: Are You Ready For This?


DO NOT ENTER That's what this door says.When you walk down our hallway, you will always see this door shut.Always.What you are about to see is not for the faint of heart.Do not try this at home. Welcome to Mount Carlson.Beware though.Should you decide to enter and traverse this mountain...you may … [Read more...]

Totally Awkward Tuesday: Peek A Boob


I don't normally participate in this because I think I've pretty much blocked anything awkward or humiliating from my mind. But I did just remember one that is for the books.It was right before my sophomore year in high school. My dad's side of the family had their very first family reunion at … [Read more...]

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