Wordlessful Wednesday: Aquafest


This last weekend Kyle and I made our way into Lake Stevens, the town, not the lake. We've lived in Lake Stevens for almost five years and we have never gone to the annual event in downtown Lake Stevens called Aquafest. We figured this year would be a good time to give it a try since we were … [Read more...]

Ocean Shores: Day 3


If you missed day 1 and day 2 you can find those by clicking on the highlighted days.Day 3 started the same as the others...get up, eat breakfast, sit around the fire and chit chat. The other two families decided to go into town to eat breakfast, but because my MIL had brought enough food to feed … [Read more...]

Ocean Shores: Day 1


Saturday night, there was a surprise party for my cousin at my house...guys only. So I went to see Julie & Julia by myself. A new experience, but not too bad.I had told Kyle that I wanted us to have everything ready to go Saturday so that we could just get up and go on Sunday morning...at … [Read more...]

Wordlessful Wednesday: Is There Anything Better Than S’mores?


We LOVE s'mores and we indulged in a lot of them on this trip. My Mother-in-law making one of hers. Kyle's perfectly roasted marshmellows for his. I had to have one last s'more before we left. Just look at this masterpiece. The ooy gooyness. Mmmmmmm........... The melted marshmellow … [Read more...]

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