Bullet Points

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Hi Friends! So, once again, I've sort of disappeared.  Not intentionally.  Life, work, life, work, is just busy and exhausting these days. Here are some bullet points of what's been going on since I last updated. Still loving my job.  My boss is just so encouraging and definitely knows … [Read more...]

Time Flies!

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Hey Friends! I feel like it's been forever since I've written anything, but I guess that's because it HAS been. ;0) I started my new job on July 23rd and it's going AMAZING!!  I LOVE IT!  I can not tell you how happy I am right now.  I forgot what it was like to go to a job that you … [Read more...]

Mental Prep


                                                                             {Source: piccsy.com via Megan on Pinterest }I've been thinking about this upcoming weekend a lot and not in the way that you would think, it being Easter and all.This weekend I have to go to a baby shower.It's for one of my … [Read more...]

Infertility Inferschmility


I wrote this note to myself the other night as I was trying to fall asleep:You ever have those thoughts as you're trying to fall asleep of the posts you want to write but you eventually fall asleep and they've vanished by morning? Don't you hate that? I've had some pretty distraught posts float … [Read more...]

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