Where We’re At, Fertility-Wise…The Long-Awaited Update

romans 8:18

I've waited to post this update for quite some time, mostly because I wanted to have something to actually update about. Last year I wanted to work on getting things in order health-wise, but it just never really happened.  I decided at the end of 2015 that I was going to wait no more. In the … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Some Q & A Time??


You all probably thought I forgot about this, huh? Well, I haven't and so now I'm going to answer all of the questions you asked me....a month ago??If you missed it the first time, you can check it out here.Just Add Walter asked:whats your secret to having so many followers?? andS.E. Sward asked:I … [Read more...]

Wanna Help?


As you know, adoption costs a lot of mulah!If you'd like to help out a couple of fellow bloggers, check out Yaya, who is doing her adoption classes with her hubby right now...for the next 9 weeks.And check out Shelley at a sister for the bean. Shelley is giving away a great prize for contributing … [Read more...]

Tell Me Your Infertility Success Stories


I've been thinking about this A LOT lately. Like, how in the world am I supposed to KNOW what we're supposed to do? I can say that in the past year, my heart has definitely become more open to adoption. But I don't even know how we would go about doing that, let alone PAY for it. But at the same … [Read more...]

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