Coming Soon: Anchored In Hope: devotionals for infertility

About 6 months ago, I was contacted by someone that wanted to know if I’d be interested in contributing to a devotional for those that were going through infertility.

Well, this seemed perfect for me since I, obviously, know something about the infertility world. The part I wasn’t sure about was what I would write and what would I have to contribute?  Ali, the contact person, had some suggestions for me and we went with it.  She took a post I had written years ago and without changing the heart of the post, edited it for a general public, with my ok.

This book, Anchored in Hope: devotionals for infertility, is now available on Amazon!  How fun and crazy is that?!

Anchored in Hope

From the description and back of the book:

Infertility sucks, but you are not alone! So go ahead, grab your comfiest pants, sit in your favorite chair and open up Anchored in Hope. The pages of this book are a collection of devotionals and stories rooted in Scripture. It will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head saying, “Yes! Yes! She gets me!”

Be prepared though. We don’t sugarcoat infertility. It’s real, raw and genuine. The book tackles the tough subjects of loss, miscarriage, failed treatments and being angry with God. It celebrates the strengthening of faith and unexpected joys learned along the way. There’s a lot of talk about patience and waiting, grace, hope, worry and trust. More importantly, it acknowledges that infertility stories come in all shapes and sizes.

This book is a compilation of writings from 45 women who understand exactly what you are going through. Read it cover-to-cover or open up to find the section that speaks to you, wherever you are in your journey. No matter where you are at, just stay anchored in hope.

From all of us to you, welcome to the sisterhood.


Pretty soon, I will be getting my own copy and I’ll be doing a giveaway so that you, too, can win a copy of your own!  If you don’t want to wait for that, you can purchase it now!

I’m excited to be a part of it, to read it and for you all to read it, too!



  1. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. I hope your book helps other women going through this terrible struggle.

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