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So, I had a little snaffu that resulted in my blog going buh-bye for awhile…not sure how long it was, about a month maybe?  Because I’m such an awesome blogger, I didn’t even realize it was gone till last Monday.  Someone near and dear to me has spent the last week trying to get everything back up and running and as of this evening, here I am!


I guess I haven’t posted anything since August so, again, I’m awesome! I plan on being a better blogger in 2016!  For now, I just wanted to let the two people that still read my blog know that I’m back up and running!  I’ll be back to post a long overdue update soon!

Till then, nighty-night!

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  1. I’m glad that you are still there. I had hoped you’d post another Stitch Fix update… The concept sounds awesome, but I’m still nervous to try it.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for stopping by! I ended up doing I think 5 boxes from Stitch Fix. I didn’t take pics with the last box because 1) the weather was horrible so there just wasn’t a good opportunity to get them and 2) the box sucked. lol It was pretty much everything I didn’t want. I did keep I believe one thing from box 3 & 4. I like the service itself but it was kind of expensive and I wasn’t completely happy with the last couple boxes. Maybe it would’ve gotten better had I stuck it out, but it was going into the holidays and I decided to take a break from them for now. I definitely recommend checking them out! It’s fun to get a box of surprises in the mail and a lot of times the stylists DO get it right. I maybe just wasn’t specific enough.

  2. glad you are back! I miss your updates!

  3. Brittany G says:

    Glad you are back! I have been to your website several times and wondered if you were doing okay and when you would be posting again. I have missed your posts 🙂

    • Aww, thanks!

      I have someone working “behind the scenes” right now to get everything updated, but once she’s done, I’ll post an update. 🙂 Thanks for coming by!!

  4. I have been wondering about you! I followed your blog as I am 1 in 8 as well. #infertiliysucks glad to see you back!

  5. Love that you’re back!

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