Fertility and Wellness Summit

I have tried pretty much anything and everything I can to get pregnant over the past 11 years.




Little to no caffeine.


Tracking ovulation.

Standing on my head after doing the deed.

You know, the list goes on and on.

If there were other, non-invasive ways I could achieve pregnancy, I would certainly at least try it.

Coming up January 13-17th, there is going to be a Fertility and Wellness Summit with 18 fertility experts speaking about their areas of expertise as it relates to infertility.

And it’s completely free!

Fertility and Wellness Summit

Check out this website to register: http://www.mindbellyconnectionsummit.com/.

From the website:

Please Join Us If……

  • You want to learn how to increase your fertility and chances of pregnancy.
  • You would like to have an over all better understanding of your hormones.
  • You have been diagnosed with PCOS and want learn how to manage your symptoms naturally.
  • You are concerned your emotional well-being may be impacting your fertility.
  • You have experienced the devastation of failed fertility treatments.
  • You want to understand how best to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.
  • You have been told IVF or Egg Donation is the next step for you on your journey.
  • You have painful or irregular periods.
  • You want to learn how to properly track ovulation.
  • You are over 35 or into your 40’s and worried about your chances of having a baby.
  • You have suffered from one or more miscarriages .
  •  You are struggling with male fertility issues.

I don’t know how many speakers I’m going to be able to listen to since this is happening during the week and I have to work, but I’m going to try to see how many I can get in.  It sounds like they are going to be providing lots of great information!

Check them out!

I am not being compensated for my referral.  I am just letting you all know about something that I think may interest you, as it does me. 



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