Throwback Thursday: Christmas Edition



Christmas Tree 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

I’ve been thinking a lot the past few weeks how I miss having my own house to decorate. I’m not the decorator type really, but when it comes to Christmas, I love getting out all of the decorations and ornaments and reminiscing and making my home feel festive and cozy.  I love putting up the tree {with WHITE lights} and sitting next to the fire and just reveling in the atmosphere that those two things create. Since we’re living with the inlaws, I don’t have a house to decorate.  My mother-in-law has her way of doing things so I’ve just been watching as she’s been piecing it all together since just before Thanksgiving.  She has lots of little villages scattered around.  She puts up the {fake} tree with the {blue} lights and while it’s pretty, it’s just not the same, it’s not MY tree. I was thinking tonight that I miss our tradition of going and getting our tree from a tree farm and purchasing that special ornament at the gift shop for the year.

Tree Farm 2007

Tree Farm 2008

When the time comes that we do have our own space again, I am REALLY going to have fun going through all of our ornaments!  I can’t wait to get all crafty and Christmas-y {though it’ll still be a few years…} I was actually just browsing some of my earlier posts, from 2008!  Hard to believe that this blog is that old!  I have a couple of posts that I’d like to re-visit with you all.  Some of you may not even realize that these posts exist if you haven’t been reading since the beginning. Some time before we got married, we began collecting moose.  While we have gotten several different types and styles of moose over the years, there is a specific brand and type that we are IN LOVE with!  It is called Big Sky Carvers.  They are realistic looking but also lots of fun. There is this post where I show you the majority of our moose.  We have A LOT!  Some from family, some we purchased, and some I got from different gift exchanges. Then there is this one where I show you my most favorite collection of moose, of all time – my Moosetivity!  It is Awesome and Funny and I could stare at those little guys all day long!  I LOVE them!  And they’re packed away in boxes somewhere in storage, not to be seen again until we move.

Only a fraction of the Moosetivity!

Only a fraction of the Moosetivity!

I was just distracted looking through some old pictures.  I was looking through the years 2003, 2007 and 2008.  My, how things have changed! In 2007 my sister had an almost two year old and was VERY pregnant {as in, she gave birth three days later to Mr. Kingy}! It’s been so long since I’ve look through these pictures.  There is one picture in particular that I’m looking for, but I think I only have a hard copy, not digital copy of it.  I think it’s from when I was still in high school, and I worked with the Santa pictures at Nordstrom.  Because I worked there, I got to get my picture taken for free so I made Kyle come with me.  I love the picture, but once again, pretty sure it’s in a box…in storage. *sigh* I love Christmas time but it always comes SO quickly and then is over before we know it.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels this way?  I feel like once my birthday comes {September} that time fast-forwards till the end of the year.  Then BAM!  It’s all over with, to start all over again. To get in the Spirit, tell me what some of your Christmas traditions are.  Every year, we go and look at Christmas lights.  There is one house that we go to every year and then we try to mix it up a bit and drive around to different areas, too.  Some years we will go to a show, like Scrooge or The Nutcracker.  We’re actually trying to figure out, with my mom, if/when and what we’re going to see this year.  Oliver is playing in Seattle, but there are some that don’t want to see that this year.  So, we shall see.  Time in ticking! Before my sister had little kidlets, my mom, sister and her husband and Kyle and I would go down to Seattle on Christmas Eve, but we haven’t done that in several years.  I wouldn’t mind starting that tradition again except that our days are so cram packed and hectic – it almost seems like it would be hard to enjoy the day. We do Christmas Eve with Kyle’s side of the family since they’ve always celebrated on Christmas Eve.  My family has always done “Christmas” on Christmas Day, so that makes it easier, but we still have to bounce around to different locations.  But I love seeing my family for Christmas so we deal with the “bouncing”. 🙂 How do you savor the season and what is your favorite part of Christmas?  Does your family have some fun traditions?  Please share!  I might steal your ideas one day! ;0)

Christmas Time 2008

Christmas Time 2007


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