It seems as though I’ve disappeared, doesn’t it?

I didn’t mean to be away this long. It just happened.

How is it that time flies so stinkin quickly?

October is half way over and before we know it, it’s going to be the new year!  Make it stop!

Please tell me I’m not the only one that is feeling this?

A lot has happened since I’ve been away, but at the same time, nothing all that significant.

Let’s see if categorizing my life will make it all come back to me.




We found out this summer that my barely 6 year old yellow lab, Chewy…My baby. My heart. My cuddlebug, has arthritis. His poor hips click when he walks.

I took him in for his normal 6 month visit and I mentioned that his hips click. This was an appointment that I had to leave him for because they give him all his shots and this was also the visit where they were going to be cleaning his teeth (under anesthesia).

The vet called me (several times over the course of the day), first to ask if they could take x-rays because, while the palpitating they did didn’t indicate arthritis, they wanted to rule it out, while he was under anesthesia. I gave them the ok to go ahead with that. Then they called me back to tell me that he does have arthritis, one hip worse than the other. Then they called back discussing options with me, etc.

After all that, Chew is now on fish oil, glucosamine, a pain med, an antihistamine (because he’s got allergies, too) and one other thing – he also has to lose weight – 20 pounds – so he’s on prescription food! He’s not allowed any people food, except for carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes. He gets a snack of cut up carrots a few times a week. (He recently found where Milo’s food is an has been chowing down on that though! We have to figure out how to barricade the area so he can’t get to it. Stinker!)

I last took him to be weighed a week or two ago and he’d lost about 5 pounds. He goes back to the vet in February, I think, so hopefully he will have lost the weight by then.

Other than his medical issues, he is still his sweet self that loves his babies and all the attention he can get (he’s certainly not deprived of attention, that’s for sure)!


2013-07-04 19.30.12

Love my bubs!


Milo. Oh Milo. Milo is 15 years old and does not act like it. The only thing that would make him appear to be an old man is the fact that he sleeps all.the.time. But is that really all that different from a kitten? I think not.

I love Milo, I’ve had him since I was 19! But he is also a pain in the tush. Even when his litter box is clean, he’ll still go #2 on the floor, right beside his litterbox. Seriously Milo?! He makes me cra-zy!


2013-10-20 14.10.14

Favorite sleeping spot right now.


I have been at my job for over a year now!

Can you believe it? I certainly can’t.

The year+ has just flown by.

Our office moved in January and we’re now in this fabulous NEW, gorgeous office.

Our patients love the place and we love it too.

We have a lot of fun at work and we try every few months to do something outside of work.

Yesterday, after planning since July, we got together for a couple of hours and went bowling. It was so much fun! The two hours went so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to go. In fact, because we paid by the hour, our game was shut off before we finished the 2nd round! Sad!

I’m very lucky that I work with such a great group of women!




This summer, Hubby did a bunch of projects around his parents house.  About 20 years ago (no joke), they added on to their house.  The upper part of the addition is their bedroom and below, well, below has been  a dark, damp, dreary, dirt floor…completely unfinished room.  They’ve used it for storage.

Kyle decided that it was about time that they did something with that space so after talking his parents into letting him do the project, they hired someone to come in and pour concrete (and in the process, they also got a new driveway and sidewalk poured).

Then hubs insulated, sheet-rocked, mudded, and painted the room.  They put up new lighting and got tons of shelving.

As well, this project included emptying out the “hoarding room” as we’ve been calling it and re-doing it, as well.  Kyle added a door from the backside of that room, into the new and improved “storage room” aka “the shop” as my FIL has taken to calling it.

It has been quite the undertaking, but my hubby is one talented guy so he’s gotten it all done fairly quickly.  Now it’s my inlaws job to sort through years worth of crap to figure out what stays and what goes and where to put it all.

In the meantime, Kyle has also gotten his mom to take out about half of the crap that was stored in our room (the back half) and so we now have several more feet of living space in our room, too.  Which I think was Kyle’s ultimate goal in getting the other rooms done!

I need to take updated pictures, but one of these days, maybe I’ll get around to showing you the before and afters.  It’s pretty amazing!


2013-09-21 16.00.18

Hubby framing in the wall and new door to the “hoarding room”

2013-09-24 23.06.34

Mudding. His favorite part. Or not.

2013-09-29 19.32.59

MIL in the “hoarding room” with the new pass-thru / door. See all that stuff behind her? It WAS in the room she’s standing in. This room hasn’t been empty in 15 years!


Kyle is kicking butt in college!

This summer he took Spanish bootcamp, which was 3 quarters of Spanish in 1 summer quarter of college. This was, by far, the most difficult class he’s ever taken! AND he only needs 2 quarters of a language to transfer to the university, so he ended up only doing the 2 quarters, not 3 like he originally planned. He could not endure a 3rd. It was THAT difficult for him. But he still managed to pull off a B!

Other than this class, he still has a 4.0 for his degree!

The fall quarter started a few weeks ago and he is now the President of the Engineering Club and he also joined the student senate! He’s trying to do everything he can to boost his application for transferring. He’s planning on getting his application for the university in around December and assuming he gets accepted (which I have no doubt he will), he’ll be starting at the UW next September! After that he should be able to finish his degree in 2 years and possibly his Masters in another year.

It’s a looooonnnnggggg road, but it will all be worth it in the end!


So, I had another birthday. Crazy, again, how fast those things come around!


That is now my age.

Did you know that 35 is ‘advanced maternal age’?


Trying not to let that get me down.



Happy Birthday to me!


I’ve decided that this 34th year is going to be my year of health.

I want to be healthy, sexy and smokin-hot by my 35th birthday!

If I can’t have a baby, I at least want to look good and FEEL good!

For too long now, I’ve just let myself go.

It is NOT EASY to eat healthy when food is so expensive AND I don’t know if I’ve shared this fact before, but I don’t cook.

Well, I COOK, but because we live with my inlaws, and I work a full-time job, I don’t cook.

My mother-in-law does the cooking during the week (or else we wouldn’t eat until 10pm if I was cooking). I cook on Saturday’s, sometimes Sunday’s if I have something else going on on Saturday.

Generally speaking, my MIL has her standard menu that she rotates and while it’s not exactly UN-healthy, there are definitely healthier options. The other thing is that she is not an adventurous cook. She knows this, she has said this herself. She would prefer to not have anything to do with the kitchen.

SO, while I would love and I WANT this to be my year of health, I’m still trying to figure out how to make it happen without stepping on her toes, and not eating at 10pm.

I THINK, I’m going to attempt to do the Paleo 30 day challenge as a starting point. If you’ve done this, please share your thoughts and insights!  I’m already gluten-free {3 years now!} so I figure it can’t be that much more difficult to go grain-free.  We shall see.

Right now, I’m just trying to wrap my brain around this new way of thinking and get in the mind-frame of HEALTH.


It had been a long time, but hubby and I were able to get away for almost a week, by ourselves!

For an early birthday present, my mom got us a deal for a couple days away at the ocean.  Then we paid for a couple of additional days.

So over Labor Day weekend, we went to Ocean Shores and were able to just relax and enjoy the beach and each other.


We re-visited the approximate spot that hubby proposed and enjoyed walking on the beach and playing in the ocean.  We had pretty good weather, for the most part, too.  You never know what you’re going to get at the ocean!



I had to do it. You can’t go to the ocean and not write in the sand. ;0)



The sunsets were amazing!



Hubby’s first treasure with his metal detector



There were deer EVERYWHERE!



We’ve made it to the ocean!



Standing side-by-side



“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, They danced by the light of the moon, The moon, The moon. They danced by the light of the moon.” Edward Lear


Kisses at sunset


{To see more pictures from our trip, visit Instagram}

It’ll probably be at least another year before we’re able to get away, but our goal is go get to Mexico sometime around my next birthday.  That will be heavenly!


I know awhile ago I mentioned that I was going to update on where we stand in our infertility journey.  And I will, but I think I want to write a separate post on that. While I don’t have a lot to share, I want to at least put it out there and work through my thoughts on it all. SO, stand-by. That’ll be coming soon. Because I will not go another 5 months without updating this place again.


I still have A LOT to learn about WordPress. I’m almost regretful of switching because there is so much to learn and I don’t have all the time in the world to put into learning it. All of my links still go back to my previous blog and it just seems like a completely daunting task to go through 5 years of posts to update them all.  (Oh yeah, I had my blog-versary too!)

But, now that I’ve moved here, I’m not moving back. SO, if you have any widgets that you love and think may be useful for me here or any other tips, tricks, advice, please share because I’m looking to make this as user-friendly as possible as well as look as good as possible.

If you’re still reading this lil ole blog of mine, thank you for sticking around. Even during my unintentional hiatus!

Much love!



  1. Oh friend I’m SO ecstatic seeing a new post from you!!! Happy to hear you’re doing well:) Congrats on your milestone marriage anniversary! You and your hubby are so cute. I’m sorry to hear about your beloved doggie’s arthritis though, so sad. Hope he’s feeling good with his diet changes. Have a wonderful week, Megan!

    • Thanks Brittney!! It’s good to hear from you too! One of these days we seriously need to get together! 🙂 I would love to snuggle your little ones!

  2. And you have sassy short blonde hair now too?!?!?

    Fun to see you “back”.

    • Thanks Kristin! Yes, I guess I made that change during the 5 months I was “gone” as well! LOL I should do a post with all of my different hair colors/styles over the past few years. There’s a lot!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    fun to see you again on here! Looks like you had fun at the ocean! Sorry to hear about your poor doggy…

    I’m looking forward to reading your infertility update, and hearing your thoughts. (I know WA doesn’t offer infertility coverage but will you be able to get insurance through Obamacare? Sometimes insurance covers testing….)

    • Thanks Elizabeth! We definitely had fun at the ocean, it’s our ‘happy place’. 🙂

      Yes, my poor pup…he’s too young to have arthritis so it makes me very sad.

      That is something I need to explore. I have NO IDEA what the changes to insurance are going have on us and our infertility testing/treatment yet. Good stuff to think about though!

  4. I’m glad you’re posting again and that life is going better for you both.

    As for WordPress, I design blogs on this platform now and hve some tips for you. First, for the broken links install the Velvet Blues plugin. It will fix all your links. You permalinks aren’t set up exactly as they were ono Blogger. That’s why they are all broken. Email me if you have any other questions or want more tips. By the way, are you sure all your posts migrated from Blogger? Using the importer does not get them all and all your images are still pulling from there, too. There is a plugin to fix that, but I can’t think of it right now.

    • Hi Shan! Thanks!

      Thank you soooo much for the information! I’ll take any advice I can get. I’m like a lost pup trying to figure out this world of wordpress!

      So the Velvet Blues plug-in. It fixes broken links, but are my links broken? They are from my blogger blog, does that mean they are broke because they’re not on this site?

      I didn’t do the migration. Someone that knows what they are doing did the migration so I’m assuming that everything went as planned and everything transferred.

      I lost a TON of images a year or two ago when I deleted an album on my phone. I didn’t realize it was all connected so *poof* gone. But, they images that are on there that transferred here are connected to blogger. If you remember which plugin I should use to correct that, I would love to know.

      Sincerely, I appreciate your help!!

      • What’s your email address? I’ll email you links. If you want, you can give me access to both blogs and I can take a look to see what’s broken.

        Your old links are all likely broken because Blogger cuts off a post title at a certain number of words, whereas WordPress does not. Even if you changed the permalinks to match Blogger’s structure, they aren’t matching what they were.

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