I did it.

I pulled the trigger.

There’s gonna be some changes happening around here sooner than later!

I’m making the move from Blogger to WordPress!  Eek!

The only negative I see to this move is that, as far as I know, Google and WordPress don’t play nicely together so that Google Friend Connect box over there on the right, with 642 friends can’t be transferred. Booooo! So sad!  Sooooooo that means that I am gonna need all 642 of you to follow me over to my new site when the move happens. Will you? Pretty please with sugar on top? I’m not gonna be ashamed to beg. 😉

I’ve purchased my own url too! Pretty exciting! I wanted my blog name, but it was taken by someone that’s not using it. Grrr! So my new url is Don’t forget to add the ‘s’.

I’ll, of course let you know when everything happens, but this is what’s going on around here.

So excited! 🙂



  1. Yay!!! I am excited for you!:)

  2. Congrats! I am excited to see how this unfolds! I have a WordPress domain too! You never know…

  3. I kind of like it with the “S” at the end, makes it seem like you are leading a crusade for many of us infertile myrtles out there, rather than purely writing a chronicle of your own story, which even if you are, you are helping many of us out here by reminding us that we are not alone. So I say, embrace the extra “S” and keep up the great work you were doing on blogger over here in your new grown up realm!

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