Hey Friends!

I’m so out of the blogging loop, but I wanted to get all my pics up from June and hopefully update you all on what kind of crazy has been going on over the past month or so.

Before the update though, here’s my pics.  You’ll notice they have a bit of a theme this month. ;0)

Day 1 – Morning
It was a coffee stand kind of morning.
Day 2 – Empty
Empty kitchen cupboards.  This is really happening.
Day 3 – On Your Plate
Gluten-free mac and cheese on my paper plate.
All my dishes were already packed.
Day 4 – Close Up
Close up of just one bin of my clothes.
They were packed in as tight as I could get them!
Day 5 – Sign
A sign that egg salad was on the horizon.
Day 6 – Hat
I’ve had this hat since high school, I think.  I very rarely wear it.
Day 7 – Drink
AF entered the building and this was my drink and lunch choice for the day.
Day 8 – 6 o’clock
Packing up our lives into storage for who knows how long.
Day 9 – Your View Today
Organizing and packing up our lives.
Day 10 – Best Bit of Your Weekend
Sleeping in after being very, very busy the past few weeks!
Day 11 – Door
The front door that we would walk out / close for the last time just days later.
Day 12 – From a Low Angle
I got home and this is what I saw.
Kyle left the upstairs window open and Milo thought it was an
invitation to go out on the roof!
Day 13 – Art
My SIL made / painted this for Kyle and me in 2006, for Christmas.
We LOVE it!
Day 14 – Time
My client got done with her chores so she got a break to play with her ipad.
Day 15 – Yellow
My yellow, but browning bananas.
I wasn’t able to do anything with them since my life was packed up.
Day 16 – Out and About
Out. And about to drive away for the last time.
Day 17 – In Your Bag
My life.
Everything I didn’t want to lose during the move.
Day 18 – Something We Don’t Know About You
I LOVE Thai food!
I resisted for years because I thought I wouldn’t like it.
I’ve since learned the error of my ways. ;0)
Day 19 – Imperfect
A dirty patio. Doesn’t bother me but to some this would be imperfect.
I was just happy to sit in the sun!
Day 20 – Fave Photo You’ve Ever Taken
I can’t choose a fave EVER, but this is definitely a favorite.
This is our friend Ryan with Chewy and his sister Molly.
Day 21 – Where You Slept
My bed, filled with a human and animals.
{Milo was there, he got up as soon as I took the pic.}
Day 22 – From a High Angle
Lots of kidlet’s out playing in the brief bought of sun we had.
Day 23 – Movement
Kidlet swinging at my bff’s going away get together / son’s birthday party.
Day 24 – On Your Mind
I deserve a pedi after all we’ve been doing the past month or so!
Day 25 – Something Cute
Mama robin sitting on three eggs at my clients house. She’s been named Harriet.
Day 26 – Where You Shop
I could live here!
Day 27 – Bathroom
The bathroom that we’re using at my inlaw’s and that we share with my BIL.
Day 28 – On the Shelf
Cute, canvas bins. Trying to get our lives organized into our new, smaller space.
Day 29 – Soft
Milo is definitely super, duper soft!
Day 30 – A Friend
Kyle is my bestest best friend!
This is the other day, right after his mom gave him a haircut for the first time in almost 10 years.

Did you notice the theme?  Yeah, we definitely spent time packing and we moved.  Fun times.  So glad that’s all over with!

If you want to participate in the photo-a-day challenge for July, here’s the list.  I’d love to see your pics!  If you’re on Instagram, find me.  I’m MrsMeganC.


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