No More Pain, No More Suffering

Audrey Arliss Bahl Boardman
April 30, 1932 – July 2, 2012

My grandma has been suffering with Alzheimer’s the past couple of years, her mind slowly going.  She has been living in the past so conversations with her over the past little while has been quite entertaining at times. Some of the things that she came up with were so amusing! {and of course I can’t think of any examples at the moment.}

I am the first grandchild on my dad’s side of the family so that means that I was the first one to get spoiled by my grandparents, lucky me! 😀  My grandma did that well!!

I remember going to Seattle for the day with my grandma and having lunch and shopping.  I remember tea parties and just the parties that she threw.  She was hilarious and kind and beautiful!

Christmas 2011

Last Tuesday I went up to see her and was quite surprised by how I found her. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m not really sure WHAT I was expecting but seeing her there but *not there* was really hard. I was able to spend a few hours with her and tell her that I loved her. I’ll treasure that time forever.

Tonight, after fighting for the past week or so, my grandma gave up the fight and went to meet Jesus. I’m certainly sad, but she was in pain, even though she was on morphine, and she had a rough day yesterday. She’s seen all of her kids and a lot of grand kids, other family and lots of friends. I was wondering what she was holding on for. We just didn’t want her to suffer any longer. Now, she is pain-free and dancing in the arms of her one and only Savior. I’m so happy for that!

I love you, Grandma! I’ll see you again one day!



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