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Awhile ago I was looking through Pinterest and I saw a photo challenge, which is apparently done monthly.  I’ve seen the 365 one a bunch, but not really the monthly ones.  Since I also, recently, discovered that Instagram is now available for Android users, I got it and have quickly become addicted {find me, I’m MrsMeganC}.  It’s too much fun!  I decided that I would try this photo challenge this month and see how I do.  It’s been fun searching around for just the right thing for each day.  Here, I’m going to list the first 20 days.  Beware, we’re about to have a photo-dumping par-tay! ;0)

First of all, here is the challenge itself.

                                                                     Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Day 1 – Your Reflection

I went to a park and took my reflection in the murky pond. 

Day 2 – Color

My client has this hanging from her bedroom door.
When I first started with her, about a year ago, she asked me to braid the individual ribbons together.
She’s kept it that way since I did it.

Day 3 – Mail

A REFUND from BofA.  Have you ever heard of that happening before?
Yeah, me either!  We’re feeling rich now!

Day 4 – Someone who makes you happy

This is April.  She is my clients dog and she is so sweet!
She greets me with lots of enthusiasm whenever I get there. I feel the love!

Day 5 – Tiny

Last weekend my mom and I were walking around the city that she lives in
and we ventured into the antique shops along the way.
We had fun making fun of so many of the crazy things.
This case of miniatures was right near the front and was perfect for this day.

Day 6 – Lunch

When I can, I stop and get these tacos.
They are $.50 and SO FLIPPIN DELICIOUS!!
I get them at a place that used to be a Taco Bell but now is more of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Day 7 – Shadow

My shadow on my car seat.

Day 8 – Inside your wallet

Nothing too exciting in here.  No money, that’s for sure! LOL

Day 9 – Younger you

My sister and me back in the day.
This picture is on the wall at my dad’s house. One of my favorites.

Day 10 – Cold

Chocolate chip mint ice cream.  LOVE. IT.

Day 11 – Where you ate breakfast

IF I eat breakfast, it’s most likely in the car, as it was this day.
On the go is how I do it.

Day 12 – Stairs

These stairs are at my chiropractors office, where I go to feel both good and bad. 

Day 13 – Something you found

I found these at a bakery/deli that’s in a town over from me.
I try to get there every couple of weeks for these and these:
The sandwich and rolls are awesome, but the bread.  Oh the bread.
It is THE BEST gluten-free bread I’ve had in two years!
I’m sold and try to get it as often as possible!

Day 14 – How you feel today

Again, my mom and I were at the antique stores and we were laughing our butts off!
We decided that this one was “before coffee”.
Then we were laughing at this and saying that she {I} was saying
“I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”

Day 15 – Sunset

Sadly, I haven’t gotten this one yet.  All we’ve had recently is rain, rain, rain.  Oh, did I mention RAIN?  Yeah, maybe one of these days we’ll have enough sun during the day, that makes it to the end of the day, that I’ll be able to get a sunset picture!

Day 16 – Flower

This is a flower from the dishes that my clients mom has hanging on the wall.
These were other flower things I found around my clients house.
Top left is a vase of fake flowers, the blue is from a duffle bag,
the bottom left is a table runner and the last is from a pillow.
I made the collage with an app called DipTic.

Day 17 – Something you don’t like

This jerk was swerving in and out of traffic and tailing everyone.
She was pissing me off so I snapped a pic when I was sitting still
and decided that she was an accident waiting for a place to happen,
and it wasn’t going to be with me!  Definitely didn’t like her!

Day 18 – Hair

I have SO MUCH gray hair showing right now.
This past year, I’ve gotten a ton of gray.
It’s been since September, I believe, since I’ve had my hair done.
I’m in desperate need of some dye!

Day 19 – Orange

In one of the antique shops my mom and I were in, they had this display of all orange.
I knew this day was coming up so I snapped the pic.

Day 20 – Something you drew

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving DrawSomething.
If you’re on there, find me, I’m MrsMeganC.
I drew this the other day and was pretty impressed with myself. 

So, that’s that!  I’ll update the rest of the month in another couple of weeks when the month is over and I’m done.


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