Petition For Infertility Coverage

Tonight I came across this petition that would require ALL states to provide coverage for infertility testing and treatment.

Anyone that has gone through any sort of infertility treatment knows that it’s expensive!

SOME insurance companies will cover infertility testing but as soon as you have that diagnosis they put the kibosh on anything else, of course, everything that costs an arm, a leg, a car, a house…you get the idea.

I think it would be BEYOND amazing and wonderful if every single state was REQUIRED to cover treatments.  It is a medical condition, just as anything else, yet most states aren’t required to cover anything more than testing and that makes it nearly impossible, in some cases, my case, for those that are infertile to pursue the more expensive, extensive treatments.

So, PLEASE take just a minute and sign the petition!  “We” need 25,000 signatures by March 30, 2012!!

I thank you in advance!!



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