A Walking Miracle


I know I’ve got lots to update you on including how awesome and amazing Women of Faith was last weekend, but I want to tell you about something else first.

I grew up with Amy, the wife of this couple.  We went to middle school together and over the years we’ve lost touch, but I read her blog almost daily.  I’ve never met her husband but I feel like I know him already.  About a year and a half ago, Amy’s husband, Adam, was in a motor cross accident and suffered a severe brain injury.  They have been on quite the journey moving from hospital to hospital, facility to facility.  Adam has shown such improvement.  Improvement doctors never thought they would see.  But he’s defying all the odds and doing so well!  Amy is so strong and honestly, I don’t know how I would cope if I were in her position.

Yesterday Adam went missing, but was found five hours later safe and sound!  Praise the Lord!

Here is the first video, where they’re reunited.

This second one is the news sharing their story.

And this last one is the whole interview that the news people did with Amy and Adam.  It’s long, but so, so touching and inspirational if you take the time to watch it.

If you would like to read their story from the beginning, Amy has been writing on her blog since before the accident happened, but even more so since the accident.  It really is an incredible story and you can see just how far he has come in the past year and a half and how much they love each other.  From doctors thinking that he’d never walk, talk or understand again to now walking, talking and progressing every day…wow is all I can say.  He really is a walking, talking MIRACLE!!



  1. Weird, I posted a comment last night but it didn’t show up for some reason?:)

    This is an incredible story – thanks so much for sharing. I was in tears when I finished watching these videos!! Your friend has incredible faith and incredible strength..she and her husband’s enduring love through what must be an immensely difficult struggle is such an inspiration to me:) I especially love how she said this was not an accident, that this was part of God’s plan. What an awesome, Godly perspective! Wow.

  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing story. It is proof that God is there no matter what, and His miracles are astounding!

    I am a new follower & blogger (found you from another infertility blog). From one infertile myrtle to another, I’m looking forward to following your journey!)

  3. Thank you Megan for sharing our story and how amazing God is. He is still preforming miracles every day, my man is living proof of this!

    Thank you for your prayers.

  4. Hey Brittany, I did see it before Blogger/IntenseDebate decided to go crazy again. I really wish I knew why it switches sometimes. Drives me nuts!

    I agree with you. It was so sweet to watch and see their interaction and to see just how far Adam has come.

    Welcome Twomorefeet! So glad you found me. 🙂

    Amy, you’re more than welcome! I had to share it especially because of the added miracle of Adam being found again after taking a little walk. 😉 He really is a miracle and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to follow your journey! <3

  5. Wow! I watched the videos and linked over to their blog, read through a little bit. Such an amazing story, I’m glad he was found after his walk!

  6. It is pretty amazing isn’t it?! So awesome! 🙂

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