WDW Vacation Recap – Part 3 – Epcot

Alrighty!  Back to the vacation recaps.  I need to get these all done before too much more time passes!

So, if you missed the previous recaps, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

We spent the next day at Epcot.  Four years ago when we went to Florida / Disney World, the last day we were there is the day that we went to Epcot so it was kind of a rushed trip since we had to get to the airport.  This time, we got to spend the entire day there and really enjoy it.

I don’t remember if I said anything about this before, but my BIL Tyler had a friend come from Kansas for part of the trip.  He came in late late late on Monday {I think} and left really early on Saturday.  He’s the “one of these does not belong” people in our pictures. He was a ton of fun to have on the trip though.  We were sad to see him leave.  But he’s a college student and had to get back to classes.

{Just a disclaimer:  It was HOT and HUMID while we were there.  Like in the 80/90’s and about 94% humidity.  I did NOT have good hair while we were there, unfortunately.  So that’s why it looks like crap 99% of the time.  Just sayin. LOL}

And one more thing before I move onto the pictures.  I’m planning on writing a post JUST on food and eating gluten-free while at Disney.  It was a GREAT experience!  But that’s why there are no food pictures.  Saving them all for that post. ;0)

Our previous trip didn’t allow us time to ride all the rides as well as explore all that Epcot has to offer, but this time we got to go in the ride that is inside the big ole Epcot ball.  I don’t think I realized there WAS a ride inside of it last time.

Anyway, it was fun.  Not a fast ride at all.  It takes you through the evolution of technology so that was kind of cool to see.  

At the beginning of the ride though, you choose on the screen where you’re from and a few other things and then it takes a picture of you, and I totally cheese-balled it, as you’ll see.  At the end of the ride this happens:

So funny to see our “Future”.  It was kind of like being in The Jetson’s.
I like this ride, but it still kind of freaks me out when it’s going through everything and then when it goes over 500 mph, eek! Yes, I scream.  A LOT.
For this trip, my MIL pre-paid for the Disney PhotoPass so in all the Disney parks we took advantage of having the photographers take our picture when ever we could.  At Epcot, I think we were in “China” or some place like that, the photographer was too funny.  He had me stand on a bench and wrap my arms around Kyle.  He was calling me “Queen” and Kyle “King” and he kept saying “Happy Family, you Happy Family.”  He made us laugh.
This mime was hilarious!  He was a blast to watch because he had so many tricks that he could do.  He was only “speaking” with a whistle but you totally understood everything he was “saying”.  It was kinda cool.
{The poor dude has some serious B.O. though!  LOL  Definitely didn’t want to stand too close to him! But he was in a hot outfit in the scorching sun so you couldn’t really fault him for it.}
I think this was probably my favorite part of this day.
Before when we were here, none of us remember this being here.  SO, we stood around in “Japan” for a bit watching the hilarious little Japanese girly doing her song and dance about these oysters and pearls.  She made a big deal out of the person choosing their oyster and then she had you repeat after her counting “1 – 2 – 3” in Japanese.  I couldn’t tell you what we said now, though.  Anyway, so Chad decided he was going to pay the $14.95 for Heidi to choose an oyster.
Then I talked Kyle into getting the ticket for me to do it too.  He’s like, “But you don’t even wear pearls!”  I told him that didn’t matter.  I REALLY wanted to do this and because he loves me so, he sucummed to my pressure. Heehee.
I chose the PERFECT oyster!
Then I repeated “1-2-3” and voila!  She found my pearl!  Oh, but wait.  Not just ONE pearl.  I got TWO pearls!  She said I was VERY lucky because only 10-15% of oysters have more than one pearl!
You can’t really see them, but they’re in the salt.
Us girlys and our pearls!  Heidi’s was 7.5 mm.
Twins!  I “had” identical twins!
When I told my mom she told me that when I asked God for twins I should’ve been more specific. LOL
I had them made into earrings.
Here we are in “Canada” and we found some moose hats.  Since we collect moose, we couldn’t resist.
{We didn’t buy them though.}
This is funny.
So, on Memorial Day we were at the outlet mall for the sales.  If you remember, my FIL wanted to buy us all shoes.  He’s goofy that way but we don’t complain.  
While we were walking around, I had seen someone that had camel toe.  I whispered to my MIL about it and SHE HAD NO IDEA what “camel toe” is.  So, being the informative daughter-in-law that I am, I had to explain to her what was what.
Now, here we were in Epcot in “India” or something and there’s a camel:
And a toe:
And that equals: Camel Toe.  
SHE, my MIL, told me to take a picture of this!  Gotta love her!
Here we are in “France” and Kyle is wearing a beret and spinning another beret like a pizza.  Can you see it in the air?
There’s thousands of Mickey heads hidden all around the Disney parks.  I guess some people get really into finding them.  We just happened upon this one.
NEMO!!!  Lots of Nemo’s!
We got to see the light show this time!  It was SO COOL!!  Loved it!
The photographer told them to act unimpressed.
Epcot was so much fun!  We all enjoyed ourselves and talked about going back for another day, but ultimately that didn’t happen.
Next up:  Magic Kingdom {we spent 3 days there.}


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