{No idea who those people are.}

I’m on vacation right now.

I have not abandoned my little ole blog.

Even though it seems like I have, right?

Today is the first time I’ve been able to get online in about three or four days because there is no internet where we’re staying.  Kyle was able to get his HotSpot activated so now I’m able to sneak on for a few minutes.

We’ve been keeping incredibly busy and having the time of our lives!

Traveled by planes, trains and automobiles.

We’ve walked many, many, MANY miles.

Sweat?  Yeah, we’ve done our fair share of that, too!

Rides?  Check.

Getting photos taken?  Taking a million and one photos, too?  Check.  Check.

Family drama?  Oh boy, that’s snuck in as well.  {When there’s eight of you, that’s bound to happen!}

Food, food and more food?  You bet!

The part that isn’t so fun, which isn’t that big of a deal, is that we’re in a time zone that is three hours ahead.  So, it’s fine in the evening but in the morning, it’s brutal!  Basically getting up at 3am “our” time and then having very long days.  But that’s what you’re supposed to do on vacation, right? Get no sleep?  If so, we’re certainly accomplishing that!  Today was the first day that we got to “sleep in”.  That was till about 6am PST.  Here it is 11:45pm though but really my body thinks it’s 8:45.  Tomorrow morning we’re going to be getting up at “3am” in order to get to our next park when it opens since it closes early.

SO, I gotsa get to bed but I just wanted to check in and let ya know that I’m still alive and kicking!  Just away from home making memories to last a lifetime!

I’ll try to sneak on again, but I make no promises! ;0)


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