I Don’t Even Know What To Say, But I Need Your Help!

I’m SO upset about this and completely disappointed that I even have to say anything negative about this.

If you remember, someone contacted me in July about holding a fundraiser for our Infertility Fund.  First, it completely caught me off guard and shocked me because I was surprised that anyone would ever want to do something like that for us.  Jen seemed so sincere about it saying that she herself has been dealing with infertility and after someone had held a fundraiser for her, and it did so well, that she wanted to do the same for other infertility sufferer’s so she became a Thirty-One consultant.

I held off on responding to her for awhile.  I talked to Kyle about it and I thought about if this was something that I could put my pride aside for.  I’m not someone that asks for help easily and especially when it has to do with money.  But I figured that because the fundraiser had participants making a purchase for something that they wanted, with a percentage of each sale going towards us, and it wasn’t participants just handing their hard-earned money over to us, that I was willing to let someone do this.

The fundraiser went for just under a month.

During this time, I was in contact with Jen by email.  She sent me some stuff to post here and on Facebook as well as ideas of how to get the word out.

I thanked her for doing this for us and she said that she wanted to help in any way she could.

On July 26th, Jen responded to one of my emails saying sorry for the delayed response but that she’d had her egg retrieval and wasn’t feeling well.

On August 1st, I emailed her because I wasn’t able to see the Hostess log-in information and she responded saying that she’d fixed it and also let me know about how participants could get 15% off.

On August 17th, I emailed her and asked her how much was raised and when she’d be able to let me know who won the Demi bag so I could let you all know.

On August 18th, she responded saying things had been hectic because her grandmother died so she was going to try to get the last orders through that night and then she’d get me the information.

On August 29th, I emailed her again asking for the details once again.  I’ve had people asking about it and I wanted to update everyone.

On September 11th, shortly before we left for vacation, I emailed once again asking her what was going on because I haven’t heard from her in almost a month.

I still haven’t heard from her.

I feel that at this point, I’ve been played or something.  I have a phone number for her that I’m planning on using this week to see if I can get any further with her that way.

Some people have contacted me saying they haven’t received the orders that they placed.

I’m having a really hard time with this all.  The last thing I wanted was to have well meaning people placing orders through this person and company, thinking that they’re helping us to fulfill our dream of a family, and then not receive their orders!  The funds for us is secondary to how I feel about the rest.  To me, it has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with all of YOU that thought you were HELPING us!


I’m planning on calling Jennifer and if I don’t get anywhere with her I’m going to call Thirty-One headquarters and see what can be done from their end.  I need all the information I can get from you all, though!

I’m SO SORRY that it has come to this!  I’m embarrassed and horrified that someone would play on my emotions and the emotions of everyone that cares about us!


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