Well, That Was Fun…NOT!!

Today did not go as planned.

In fact, that’s an understatement!

I went to work this morning like usual.

I was planning on going to meet a new family that I’m going to be working with next week.  I was going to be leaving work about 3:30 to head there.  They live close to me, too so it was going to be perfect.  I wasn’t going to have to deal with rush hour traffic because I’d already be past it.

About an hour before I was going to leave, I talked to my boss because she called to ask if I could meet the family later, but I was planning on going to hot yoga tonight so that wasn’t going to work.  She asked if I’d be able to meet them at 4pm and I said that would work.  In order to do that though, I needed to leave at 3pm.

Normally I’d take Hwy 99 but I figured since I needed to get up there quicker, I-5 would probably be better today because I’d be able to avoid all the stop lights.

I hadn’t talked to Kyle yet today so I decided to call him and when I did, I commented on how much traffic there was for 3:15 in the afternoon.  Traffic was moving but there was a lot of it.  We only talked for about a minute and then I hung up. 

I was in the far left lane, but not the carpool lane.  I was paying attention to the road.  I wasn’t distracted in any way.

Cars braked and I thought that it would be the kind of braking where you continue to slowly roll, but nope…

Instead, it was the HOLY SH*T, we’re SLAMMING on our brakes and I’M NOT STOPPING kind of braking.

Then it happened in the blink of an eye.

I SLAMMED into the car in front of me, in a chain reaction pile up.  Three cars in front of me and two behind.  I was the middle of the sandwich and I flung forward when I hit and then again when I got hit from behind.

It was AWFUL!

I have NEVER been in any type of accident like this.

When I was about 19 I was in a small accident in front of a comedy club but the cops weren’t even called on that one.

I debated who to call first, Kyle or my boss.  I opted for my boss because I was supposed to be at this new family’s house at 4pm and that wasn’t going to happen.

Kyle was next, and he wouldn’t answer his phone!  I called him three times!

The first time I screamed a message to him that I’d gotten in a Effin {blush} car accident AND IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!

He answered on the third call and I was hysterical.  I could tell that he was scared and worried as he tried to calm me down.  He was in Seattle though, AT LEAST an hour away so he called my mom and dad and his mom and I called my mom.  My dad called me and said that he’d come if I wanted him to but I told him that because my mom was on the way that I’d just keep in touch with him and let him know if I needed anything.

The girl that hit me was attached to me.  Well, our cars were attached.  She hit me HARD and my hitch went into her grill area.  I put my car in park and when I talked to Kyle he told me to turn it off.  Before he said that, a cop had asked me if I could move my car over to the shoulder but I couldn’t.  My gas peddle wouldn’t budge and I couldn’t get it out of park.  Then I turned it off and turned it back on {with it not being very happy about it, it made a horrible sound} and I was able to then push the gas / brake and put my car in drive.  As I was slowly driving forward, I heard lots of cracking and crumbling as I unattached the other car and my car.  I got over to the side of the road and the other girl did too.  Now we weren’t blocking any lanes of traffic.

During all of this, the cops showed up, four or five, an ambulance and I think two fire trucks.

Oh, it was also the Seattle areas hottest day of the year so far, about 83 degrees.  And I was standing on the side of the freeway.  I looked down later and I had dirt all over my chest and boobs.  Nice.

My mom got there and we talked to the tow truck guy and the cops. My mom told the tow truck driver where to take my car and the cops said that the whole thing was still being investigated so I guess we’ll hear from them, eventually.

In the meantime, my mom and I headed to the collision center with the tow truck driver.  Left my car in their hands and then I guess Kyle had asked my mom to take me to get checked out.

We headed down the street to a walk-in clinic and waited to be seen for about an hour and a half.  Insanity!  During that wait time, my shoulders and back started to stiffen up more.  I got a huge tension headache and I just wanted to sleep.  I just have whiplash, which I figured.  I flung around once when I hit the car in front of me and then again with the impact of the car hitting me from behind.  Thankfully I was wearing my seatbelt, I always, always do.  Always!  My airbag didn’t deploy though.  I don’t know why that is.  Seems like I hit hard enough that it would’ve but maybe not.

Turns out, from what we can tell, that I don’t have rental insurance on my auto insurance.  So, that sucks.  My dad is letting me borrow his van for a couple days and then my MIL said that I can borrow her car for as long as I need.  Kyle’s going to talk to the body / collision shop and our insurance tomorrow to see what we need to do, etc.

After I left my dad’s I went to Safeway and got my prescriptions for Vicodin and a muscle relaxer filled.  Turns out they don’t take auto insurance (to bill, instead of me paying for it) and she was kind of a snot about it.  Whatev. Just another part of my crappy afternoon.

Now, I’m home relaxing.  I’ve taken a muscle relaxer and some ibuprofen and I’m starting to feel a little loopy.  I don’t think I’m going to work tomorrow, unfortunately, but I do have a commitment in the afternoon that I’m hoping to be able to keep.  Ugh, I hate having to rearrange my schedule for something like this.  BUT, I am SO VERY THANKFUL that no one in the accident was seriously injured and I’m thankful for my big car that is undriveable now, but which kept me safe.

Here’s some pictures that I took at the scene.

Thank God for big cars and hitches that take a lot of impact!
The car that hit me.

I guess the silver lining in all of this is that some of the things we’ve been meaning to get fixed will now be getting fixed.  Just praying it doesn’t take too long!

So, how was YOUR day?


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