Someone Has Done Something Really Special For Us

I’ve mentioned before that Kyle and I haven’t been able to pursue any sort of treatments for our infertility in a really long time.  It costs money that we just don’t have.

Before I was laid off in 2009, we weren’t in the best financial position and then I lost my job because of the economy.  I was able to get unemployment, but after was all said and done, I was out of work for about 2 1/2 years and my unemployment benefits ran out in December of 2010.  Add in to that, Kyle’s business was slow for a few months and things have been even more tight for us than ever before.

Needless to say, pursing any sort of treatment or adoption, while desired, hasn’t been at the top of our list.

The other day, I received an email from a stranger.  I had never spoken to her before, never even heard her name.  But this person found my blog.  She read our story and she was saddened for us that we’ve been TTC for 8+ years and have yet to receive our miracle.

She told me that she, too, is infertile.  She is getting ready to do a round of IVF and she is able to do so because of the generosity and selflessness of a friend.  A friend that held a fundraiser for her and her husband.

She wants to do the same for Kyle and me.

I can’t even tell you how this blows me away.  I’ve been speechless, just not knowing what to say, since I received her email.

Jennifer, I’m guessing, Googled ‘infertility blogs’ or something similar and came upon me.

She doesn’t know me.  She doesn’t have to do this for me.

Yet, she wants to.  Because she is a caring and selfless person that believes we should all be able to pursue our dreams of creating a family.

I am someone that would never in a million years ask for help in paying for infertility treatments or help with adoption.  That’s just not who I am.

However, Jennifer has offered to hold this fundraiser for Kyle and me and I feel like the way it’s being done is a way for people to participate if they feel led, without having pressure of feeling like they ‘have’ to do something or contribute.

I’m laying down my pride right here and I’m going to tell you how you can participate.  But PLEASE, ONLY do so IF YOU FEEL LED!!  I don’t want this to be any sort of pressure on anyone!!

Jennifer is a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts.  Here is what she says about it:

Thirty-One is a faith based company based off Proverbs 31. They offer stylish and affordable totes, purses, and accessories to help make every day life easier.

And here is how you can participate:

* Click on: “My Events” (Under my Picture)
* Look for: Megan Carlson’s Fundraiser
* Select: “Shop Now”
The fundraiser will go until August 13th.

Also, every person that makes a purchase, will be entered into a drawing to win a free Demi Purse.

{Courtesy of  Thirty-One Gifts catalogue}

If you feel like this is something you’d like to do, AWESOME!  If it’s something that you just aren’t able to do right now, or just don’t want to, THAT’S OK!!  No hard feelings!  But all prayers are always welcome! ;0)

Thank you, Jennifer!!

Thank you to anyone that makes a purchase on our behalf.

Thank you for all your prayers that have come our way over the years!

We WILL get our miracle, one way or another!


I just got notice that the Fall/Winter Catalog is coming out earlier than expected, July 25th. Because of this the current Spring/Summer catalog will only be available for orders until July 24th.

Due to the catalog switch, if you are interested in ordering from the current (Spring/Summer) catalog then those orders need to be in by July 24th.  You’ll still be able to participate in the fundraiser by ordering from the Fall/Winter catalog from July 25th through August 13th.

Also, here are the July Customer Specials that runs until July 31st:

      *For every $10 a customer spends, They get 31% off specified products.
      *These products are:

– the Keep it Cool Backpack (Item# 3576), 
– Zip-Up Pencil Pouch (Item# 3593),
– Thermal Tote (Item# 3000),
– Upperclassman Backpack (Item# 3577), and
– Lunch To Go Thermal (Item# 3579).

     *The Upperclassman Backpack (Item# 3577) has a laptop case within it and The Keep It Cool Backpack (Item# 3576) has a front thermal pouch.

Thank you to those of you that have made purchases so far!! 


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