Out Of Town

Currently Kyle and I are out of town visiting family on the eastern side of the mountains.  Not really thrilling and exciting {Moses Lake is anything BUT exciting!} but it’s good to visit with fam we haven’t seen in quite awhile!

This morning after we got up and ready and my cousin Eve made us a fabulous breakfast of gluten free waffles and fruit salad and coffee, we headed out to go and visit my grandpa at his office.  However, he wasn’t there so we stopped in at a store to rent a movie for tonight {we got Authur, with Russell Brand} and then we went and got more coffee at Starbucks next door.

By then my grandpa got to work so we went and saw him.  My aunt was there too so we killed two birds with one stone! ;0)  Then we needed to go and see my grandma, so grandpa went, too.  We sat and visited with them for a few hours.

When we were done there, we came back to Eve and Mike’s and I had a raging headache.  We ate some lunch and then I fell asleep for a couple of hours.  After I woke up, Eve talked to Mike, who is a pilot and he said we could come to the airport for a tour but he was getting ready to take a flight so we needed to be quick.  We headed over there, which is only about 3 miles from their place.  Mike showed us the jet he was getting ready to take over to the west side of the mountains and told us what some of the buildings were and then that was that.  He left and we left.

Mike doing his pre-flight check.  We supervised. ;0)

Now, we’re hanging out in mostly silence all doing our own thing.  Eve’s working, I’m blogging, Kyle was doing some work too but he just left to get some beer.  The important things in life. LOL

It’s nice just being away from home and hanging with my favorite { ;0) } cousin and her hub, once he gets back from his flight, which sounds like will be soon’ish.  Dinner is almost ready and it’s been a good day!


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