Isn’t It Ironic?

I had a rather odd dream this morning.  Seemed like it went on forever so it may have started long before I realized I was dreaming, if that makes sense.

The participants:
My cousin Hollie
The Duggars
Random people that were in and out

I don’t really remember a lot of the details like where we were and things like that but I remember that we were on a retreat or something.

All of the Duggar kids were running around and I was sweeping the floor and some of the kids ran right through my pile of dirt.  I made some sort of comment about it and a couple of the boys said they were sorry.

Then my cousin Hollie was standing talking to some people around a kitchen island and I remember her saying something about a lack of a period and then she started crying.  I came up to her and was rubbing her back.  She was basically telling the Duggar’s her infertility story {and I should mention that I have NO IDEA if she’s even infertile, this was just in my dream}.

I just found it rather ironic…or something… that my cousin was telling the DUGGAR’s, a family with 19 frickin kids, about infertility.

I think I dreamt about my cousin Hollie because I was at her parents house yesterday and my aunt and I were talking about her, but nothing that had to do with trying to have a baby.  Hollie is getting ready to graduate from college in May and she’s been married for two years in July or August.

Not a clue why the Duggar’s invaded my dream. LOL

And I think I dreamt about infertility because it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

I wish I could remember more.  I was going to tell my cousin about this dream and find out from her if it had any truth to it but I can’t find her on Facebook.  She must’ve deleted her profile or something.

Dreams are weird things, aren’t they?


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