Wrong Answer

{Courtesy of Natalie Dee}

Kyle is weird.  Period.  He always says the craziest things.  Some times they make me appalled and sometimes they make me laugh my ass off.

Just a few minutes ago he, out of the blue, asks me:

“If a robber broke in and had a gun and he said that you had to choose who was going to get shot, Me or Chew, who would you choose?”

I said, “I don’t know!  Neither!”

He says, “WHAT?!  You’re supposed to say ‘shoot the damn dog!'”

I said that I couldn’t choose.  I don’t want either of them to be shot!

Then I asked him who HE would choose and because I gave the wrong answer he said that he’d say “Shoot the wife!”

Harsh, right?

But don’t think he’s a douche for that response, we were laughing and joking around.

Seriously, he’s SO random sometimes!

What would YOUR answer have been?  Especially with the consideration that Chewy is my baby, my child.  Would you want to choose between your spouse and your child?  I think not.


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