Visiting The Morgue

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What a day.

Today was the last day of my EKG externship.  Today is the first day of my friend Megan’s externship.  So we carpooled together.  She parked at the Park & Ride and I picked her up.

We got to the hospital and the day started out fairly mellow.

In the EKG office, there’s a whiteboard with a bunch of stuff written on it, one of the things being “Morgue” with names listed under it.  Today, there were four names.  One of them Baby Boy {Last name}.

Oh, wow.

I’ve never seen a dead body.

I’ve had the “opportunity” at a couple of different funerals but I’ve declined.

Now, at this hospital, the EKG techs take care of the deceased and contacting the funeral homes, etc.

Last time I was there, I went to the morgue but didn’t see anything except for where they keep the bodies.

Today, though, Ugh!

Megan and I were up on one of the floors getting ready to do an EKG on one of the in-patients and we got a page that there was an out-patient there.  So because it was Megan’s first day and I’d been on my own before, I headed down to get the patient while Megan and our girl finished up with the in-patient.  I was told that they’d meet me in the hospital lobby after we were both done with our patients.

They were taking longer than it took me to do the EKG so I wandered for a bit.

Finally found them and they had gone to pick up the deceased baby and taken him to the morgue.  I’m glad that I didn’t see him.  Megan said that he was very tiny.  Only 24 weeks gestation.  When we initially found out about him I wanted to throw up.  I was sick to my stomach even thinking about having to see him.

Later on, the coroner came to pick him up and we all headed over to the morgue.  The guy had a small basket, think Moses Basket, a blue blanket and he opened up the refrigerator and I saw.  I couldn’t tell that it was a baby.  Just looked like a folded blanket or something.  But I knew.  I knew what it was.  Oh man.  That was SO difficult to see!!  I can not even begin to imagine the pain that his parents are going through.

We were again, in the morgue later in the day for two more people to be picked up.

I don’t know.

I want to work at this hospital because it’s a GREAT one to get a job at, but I just don’t know if I can handle dealing with deceased people all the time.

When our shift was over, we headed home.  We sat in the rain and the traffic and finally made it back to the Park & Ride.

I dropped Megan off at her car and drove away.

A few minutes later, I get a text from her saying that her car window had been smashed in and her stereo and everything she had in her car {presents she had bought, etc} had been stolen.  I called and asked her if she wanted me to go back but she said no, she was just going to drive it home.  I feel HORRIBLE for her!  She said she was going to call me when she got home but she hasn’t yet.

Then I got the mail and there’s my weekly “statement” from Unemployment and it says that I’ve basically got a week or two left.  We’re so screwed.  I’m hoping and praying and praying and hoping that I get another letter saying that I have more money coming to me because I have NO idea how long it’s going to take me to actually find a job and we most definitely need that money to keep coming in because Kyle doesn’t get paid on any sort of regular schedule.  I’ve started looking and I had an informal interview today for an EKG position, but they don’t have anything open right now.  At least I met the Big Boss though so we’ll see what happens.  Pray that I find a job ASAP or that I continue to get paid through unemployment!!

This has been quite the day.

I think I’m now going to go and have that glass of wine I’ve been holding off on.


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