Wordlessful Wednesday: Grandpa Carlson

I never told you about the memorial for Kyle’s grandpa.  I was looking through the pictures I have in a folder on my desktop and came across the pictures from that day so thought I’d tell you a little about it.  I hope no one thinks it’s morbid.  It was a sad, but nice day to honor the man that he was.

This is my inlaws with the flag that was presented to them.  Kyle’s grandpa was a decorated war veteran and the guy that led the military portion of the graveside also used to be one of Grandpa Carlson’s boy scouts. His family and Kyle’s family have gone to the same church forever.

At the church, a bunch of friends and family gathered.  Some songs were sung, the pastor gave a message, Kyle’s dad and uncle said some things, Kyle’s dad sang a song and all of the grand kids and their spouses went up to the platform and starting with the oldest down to the youngest, the grand kids spoke their memories from the heart. 

If you know Kyle and his brother Tyler you’d know that they are pretty quiet and only speak when they’ve really got something to say.  I was SO PROUD of both of them for getting up there and telling everyone about the memories they had of their grandpa.  Kyle spoke about when he was younger and he’d ride the bus down to Seattle with his grandpa to watch the planes take off from Sea-Tac {among other things} and Tyler wrote a letter to his grandpa and read it to everyone.  It was really special and I wish I had a picture of it, but no one thought it’d be appropriate to be taking pictures during the service.  That’s ok, it will just remain in my minds eye.

Rest in Peace Grandpa Carlson.  We’ll always love you and remember you.

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  1. What a special man. I am so grateful for his service to our country! RIP.

  2. That is so awesome that Kyle got up there to speak!

  3. Aww, what a beautiful post and touching tribute to a wonderful man who sounds like he is much missed. Thank you for sharing. Extending my deepest sympathies to you and Kyle – may your Grandpa rest in peace.

  4. It sounds like it was a beautiful memorial for an incredible guy… Dealing with death is always so hard, but it’s nice when there can at least be a celebration of life like this at the end.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a wonderful man!

  6. What a lovely tribute and post. I’m sure this wonderful man is greatly missed.

  7. Beautiful.

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