Mom Update

Sorry for not updating sooner!!

We got to the clinic yesterday afternoon and my mom got all signed in.

One of the guys there led us into this bathroom / locker room where she got changed. I wasn’t just taking a picture of her in the bathroom. LOL She was glaring at me for taking pictures. heehee

Then we were led back to a room where they got all the info and gave all the info that was needed and got her prepped.

Marking where she’s going to cut.

See? All ready.

And thankfully, all my fretting, was for nothing. They didn’t put her out and only numbed the area that was being worked on. My mom had a little convo with one of the guys during the surgery.

Before I knew it, one of the techs was calling for me because she was already done! I swear it was less than half an hour! My mom said that there was a lot a pulling and grinding and stuff. Ugh. I can’t imagine listening to that!

Then we had to go to Costco to get her prescription. She was SO hungry and the numbing was starting to wear off. So we opened up a bag of chips right there in the aisle so she could get something into her tummy and we walked around for the 15 minutes the lady said it would be until her prescription was ready. We went back to the pharmacy and her prescription was still pending. We waited awhile longer and then my mom went and “made some noise”, basically just told another lady there that she’d just had surgery and had been waiting for a LONG time when the prescription had been called in over 2 hours before and it still wasn’t ready. After this lady moved her prescription paperwork to the top, it was finally ready.

We wrapped her hand in a plastic bag because it was POURING outside and her hand couldn’t get wet. Plus it still had the orange-y disinfectant on it and looked icky.

We went back to her house and my sister met us there. We hung out and ate and then watched The Blind Side. My sister left around 8pm and I left when the movie was over.

I called my mom this morning and she’s not feeling so hot today. I’ll be going over there later to hang out and do whatever she needs.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!



  1. Glad things went well and that you are there to help your mom out! 🙂

  2. Hope your mom starts feeling better!

    Cant believe she’s all smiles in the hospital pictures… what a trooper!

  3. I’m glad things went well, and your mom is so cute!

  4. So glad the surgery went well..wishing her a speedy recovery!

  5. so glad to hear that her surgery went so well

  6. Glad all went well! I watched The Blind Side for the first time on Sunday. Loved it!! Such an amazing movie.

  7. Happy to hear that the surgery went so well and your mom didn’t have to do the general annistesia (although I don’t think I’d want to watch that being done to me or even hear the sounds…yikes!)

    Glad she put the smack down at the Costco pharmacy;) And we always open chips and crackers in Costco unless they have an ample supply of samples. If they care, they never say anything:)

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