I Succumbed To The Pressure


Yeah. I did.I now have my own blogfrog "Infertile Myrtle Community" over there to the right.Will you please join it so I don't look like a loser with no friends? Haha!!I'm still trying to figure everything out, but hopefully it'll become a place where people want to hang out and get to know each … [Read more...]

Wordfulless Wednesday: Milo


Milo doesn't let me get a lot of pictures of him. He runs away whenever he sees my camera. But the camera on my phone doesn't make a sound so I've been able to get a couple of him lately while still laying in bed.Don't mind my messy bed. I'm bad and hardly ever make it. For more Wordless … [Read more...]

Mom Update


Sorry for not updating sooner!!We got to the clinic yesterday afternoon and my mom got all signed in.One of the guys there led us into this bathroom / locker room where she got changed. I wasn't just taking a picture of her in the bathroom. LOL She was glaring at me for taking pictures. … [Read more...]

Welcome To Monday!


Well, it's Monday morning. How did we make it here again? It comes around way too fast!It's a stormin' outside today. NOT a good day for that! I'll tell you why in a minute.Kyle forgot his phone. It's sitting here on the desk blinking at me with missed calls.I've got my hot coffee, in my … [Read more...]

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