Today I Chill…Tomorrow, Nose To The Grindstone

A few months ago I made the decision to go back to school. And it was all thanks to an interview I had that got me thinking. And then Kyle actually put it into words and suggested I go back. While the thought of it had intrigued me, for that job I interviewed for, I hadn’t actually thought about doing it on my own. I mean, I’m 30 and I have never had the desire to go to college. I never enjoyed school while in high school like some of my friends did. So the thought of going to school, at 30, is a bit daunting.

Today I’m enjoying my last day of “vacation”. I’ve been unemployed for almost a year {Feb 6th is a year} and I’ve enjoyed staying home and doing whatever I’ve wanted whenever I wanted to do it. I know that I’m going to have limited “me” time so I’m just chillin like a villian and watching all of my DVR’ed shows that I haven’t gotten to yet.

But tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter. I’m going to be a college student. Wow. For those of you that haven’t been here before or not for very long, I’m going into the Patient Care Tech certification program {nurse assisting, EKG and phlebotomy}. It’s between four and five quarters, depending on if I combine two quarters into one or not…I’ll decide when it comes time. My days are about to be filled with class discussions, daily assignments, tons of memorization, quizzes and research projects. All things I’m not very confident in. I’m excited but insanely nervous. The anticipation is what kills me. I’ll be fine {hopefully} once I’m actually IN it, but the sit around and wait makes me crazy.

My schedule will be pretty painless, but I think the homework is going to be killer.

Monday: Intro to Healthcare
Tuesday: Medical Terminology
Wednesday: Intro to Healthcare, Human Body Structure & Function
Thursday: Medical Terminology
Friday: Off
Two 1 day classes of CPR & HIV/AIDS training

I’m prepared with all of my “school supplies” thanks to my wonderful hubby and Santa. Kyle got me my own personal little Netbook that will fit in my purse and I have a fun zebra print case coming from Amazon any day now. Santa brought me all of my pencils, pens, erasers, etc. I also ordered a backpack. Haha! Didn’t think I’d ever have one of those again! And a pencil pouch and binder. heehee I’m kind of giddy over my supplies. We went yesterday and got some paper and I finally also was able to upgrade my phone since my contract was up.

My phone. I read all the reviews I could on a few different phones and I went into Sprint and talked to the sales person for about an hour trying to decide between the different phones, but even though the battery life isn’t the best like Ams warned me {Thanks Ams!! Truly!} , the Palm Pre was the best of the phones I was looking at for my needs. {Twin-Spiration – sorry I couldn’t get it through you…I really needed to get in and talk to someone, it’s on my MIL’s plan and was just easier to do it this way.}

I love technology! What would we do without it? haha!

I’m going to try to stay up on my blog {and email} and in touch with everyone but I have a feeling this is going to be the hardest year of my life. So if I’m a bit neglectful please don’t stone me. LOL

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I embark on this new adventure because I’m going to need it!



  1. Yes! How exciting! I LOVE getting new school supplies, but I could also be more biased since I am a school teacher! πŸ™‚

    Good luck, you’ll do fine! Just take lots of notes and do the reading!

  2. I know I have been absent for a while so this is huge news! Congratulations! It’s a huge step but being educated to do something different opens a lot of doors and just changes your opportunities.

    And if it helps…when I was in professional school, it seemed to me that two types of people made it with no trouble: “school nerd” types who had always been really hard-working students; and those who had had real jobs before returning to school. Anybody who was used to the idea of putting in a good 9-to-5 had a big advantage over fun-loving types coming straight from school. So the fact that you’re an adult and have experience in the responsible working world will really stand you in good stead. You’re going to knock ’em dead. (Oh, and one other annoying suggestion: once you’re about halfway through your program, start looking intensively for a job in your new field. Network, meet people, get your resume into pristine polish, become best friends with the career placement office, comb job ads obsessively. This will give you time to find exactly what you want and already have a spot when you’re a brand-new graduate.)

  3. Yea! Congrats! You will do great.. I know it!

    I am a college student.. and have been since my daughter was less than a year.. my water broke with my son while I was taking an anatomy & physiology test at 9:00 PM at night.. if I can do it.. you can!

    Good Luck!!

  4. I’m very impressed and I know you will do well!! I’ve talked plenty about going back to school, but have yet to act on it. I admire your courage πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck going back to school. Those classes shouldn’t be too hard though

  6. That’s so exciting! I wish you luck with going back to school. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it (or so I’m told ;P)

    I took a medical terminology class about 2 years ago when I was going to school to be a respiratory therapist. I’m not good at chemistry, so that stopped my career choice. Anyways, flash cards are you best friend in that class! I really enjoyed my class, but I can memorize things pretty easily.

    Good luck!

  7. You are going to do great! Good luck!

  8. Congrats. Good luck. And have a blast during this next chapter.

  9. i am so excited for you! i think its gonna be great! you got me a little jealous with all the talk of school supplies – it was my favorite part of going back to school each semester!! πŸ™‚

    good luck! can’t wait to hear, er, read all about it!

  10. Good luck to you in school! I know it can be a challenge, but I know the results will be worth it. Now if I could just figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I could go back to school like you!

    When I was reading about all your school supplies, all I could think about was Working Woman, and how at the end Melanie Griffith’s character got a new lunchbox for her new job, and I was wondering where yours was, lol.

  11. How exciting!
    Good luck on your first day!

  12. good for you! good luck and sending lots of good thoughts and prayers.
    stopping by from SITS

  13. Ummmmm who am I going to babble back and forth with on twitter if you’re in school?! Mannnnnn!
    Kidding kidding…
    I am glad that you love the Palm Pre! It might be just what you are looking for. I have the little charger “stone” thing if you are interested in it… I could mail it to you πŸ™‚ Let me know!!

    Good luck with school tomorrow… and all year… you are going to do GREAT!
    (Ps I am a phlebotomist by trade! woot!)

  14. Good luck, Megan! I know you will do great! πŸ™‚

  15. I wish you all the best.
    You go girl!

  16. you are going to rock it!!!! πŸ™‚

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