Guess That Answers My Question


My dad found my blog.

I had wondered before if he knew about it since I’d commented on his blog before. I should’ve know that if he knew about it he would’ve said something.

See over there on the right? The blog under Family & Friends titled Boardman Country? That’s my dads blog. See the post titled Daughter of Mine? Yep, that’s a post about me and how he found my blog and how while he’s proud of me and my blog, I hurt him by not ever mentioning this blog to him. *sigh*

Of course the last thing I’d ever want to do would be to hurt my daddy’s feelings!

The thing is that while I have 300-something followers, I don’t know most of you. Everyone that I do know that reads this blog did not find out about it from me. I might’ve told my cousin but I don’t think I told anyone else. The reason being that I wanted to remain anonymous…meaning that if anyone read my blog, I likely wasn’t going to know you in real life. Friends found out about this blog from other friends and one of my best friends still doesn’t know about it.

My dad doesn’t quite understand my reasoning about having a blog and not wanting anyone to find out about it. I’m not dumb. (not that he’s saying I am…) I know people can find me from a google search or whatever, but really, how many people I know are actually going to know the right thing to google to find me? I’ve googled myself to see and you pretty much have to put ‘Megan’ & ‘infertile myrtle’ together to find ME.

I feel like if there’s too many people I know reading what I write I won’t be able to be completely honest and I’ll censor myself because even though I don’t want to, I care what people think about what I write and how I’m perceived.


So this morning when I spoke to my dad I asked him if he’d remove the link to that post of his from Facebook. While I know that people may find me, I don’t want it advertised to people I may know. But now I’ve hurt his feelings even more. He’s proud of me and my blog but his “fathers pride” has been hurt too.

I’m sorry, Daddy! I never meant to hurt you by keeping my blog a secret! I love you!



  1. Aw. Daddy means well but sometimes people don’t *really* get it. I feel the same way you do and I am sure my mom would feel exactly like your Dad does right now.

  2. Oh man… this is one of my biggest fears! I too write an infertility blog, and my family not only diesn’t know about our blog, but they also don’t know about our stuggle… at all. I hope that you are still able to share your journey without that awkward feeling!

  3. I totally understand. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them just because you don’t share your blog with them. I don’t want my family reading mine either. It makes me feel censored.

  4. I keep my blog hidden as well. Besides my spouse, the only family who reads my blog is my MIL, and I often wish she did not know about my blog. Sometimes I find myself close to or slightly sensoring what I write and other times I know she doesn’t always agree with things I say either. It doesn’t me we don’t love our family. Hopefully your Dad can see it as the harmless secret it is and get past this.

  5. Sometime, no matter how much we love family, there is always going to be something that we want to keep private. Hopefully, your dad will respect that. I could tell from his post that he loves you very much and is very proud of you.

  6. I just read your Dad’s post through teary eyes. I’m sure a bit of hormones at play, but nonetheless. Tears. From your side, I get it. I am not friends with my sister, nor my mom on facebook. Strictly because I need a space of my own and already feel a bit odd that they read my blog. But, I can so understand your Dad’s heart…

  7. I think it’s easier to share some things with *strangers.* I think some of my friends know about my blog, but they don’t ever comment so I can’t be sure. It’s fine with me though, I think people close to us shouldn’t necessarily be close to our inner workings too.

    Hopefully dad isn’t too broken up about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ๐Ÿ™ I’m sorry. On the plus side, it sounds like your Daddy really loves you! But I completely understand how you feel – I’ve mentioned my blog to a few family members occasionally, but haven’t ever advertised how to find it. If they did follow it my posts definitely would change and I probably wouldn’t speak as freely as I do. I hope you and your Dad work this out soon! ((HUGS))

  9. Ooooooooookay, ladies.

    I’m the Dad. ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I started getting comments from some of you over at Boardman Country (Thank you so much!), I figured Megan must’ve been taking my name in vain (kidding) over here and that I’d best come over and clear the air…just this once.

    First, Meg, the “hurt” part really didn’t last long and I AM OVER IT! Believe me, life’s too short.

    I’ll never, though, be over loving you and being proud of you.

    Additionally, I want you all to know that relative to what Megan has written here, I’ve really read very little. Maybe six or eight posts. Just enough to know 1) that my daughter’s a really good writer and 2) that YOU ALL know that once upon a time I ate a bowl of chili that my other daughter SPIT in! I know, I know. It’s a funny story and I should probably write about it myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, here’s my commitment: Since I don’t want Meg to feel censored or inhibited in her free expression here in her corner of cyberspace, I am never coming back here unless I’m specifically invited by Megan sending me a link to a specific post. So, Meg, blog on!

    And I’m fine with that. I’m not going away mad and I’m not sour grapes. I’m totally happy that you have this neat outlet to be able to say exactly what you’re feeling in exactly the way you want and to share it with ALL these neat friends.

    This is probably the longest comment I’ve ever written on a blog so: I love you, Meg.

    Daddy, out.

  10. I love your dads comment to you! Hes a good daddy!! I do know what you mean though about feeling sensored. I wish my MIL didnt know about my blog because there are things Id like to talk about that involve her LOL but other than that I say whatever I want

  11. your dad is such a sweetheart! {in a totally non-creepy, ewww way. just in a sweet daddy way}

    i totally know how you feel though, i wish my family and greg’s family didn’t know about my blog because i definitely censor stuff and don’t tell the hilarious stories i could because i don’t know whose reading and that is really hard!

    love your dad’s comment too… that is so sweet of him to commit to not reading in order to allow you the freedom to share.


  12. I totally understand how you feel. I have told very few “IRL” people about my blog. And I would never want my parents to read it!

  13. awwww, I got to read your dad’s comment before I commented. How incredibly sweet!

    I would *die* if my parents ever found my blog. But that’s because we aren’t close at.all.

    However, A reads it, as well as several of HIS family members. And lots of folks from church.

    I try not to let it censor me…

  14. I know my dad reads mine as well & it does limit some things that I say, so I get that… And I saw your dad’s comment on here… sounds like a pretty cool, understanding dad though!

  15. aww.. i know this isnt what you wanna hear, but i sort of think it’s cute his father’s pride is a little crushed. interesting – when i started blogging, i didn’t tell my family. i found a family friend’s blog via facebook, and responded to one of her posts. soon, she was reading my blog. well, she told my sister about it – and then all my sisters and mom and dad found out about it. next thing know — they are all starting blogs of their own.

  16. your daddy seems like a very loving, caring guy. your very lucky. ;o)

  17. I so know how you feel – when I started my blog, I expected it to be all sunshine and roses (fun stuff, I’d never put *serious* stuff out there, right? – ha!) and I shared the link with family/friends. Not a one of them ever commented (or visited from what I can tell from my stat trackers) and I needed an outlet, so I started opening up.

    Now, I know my MIL reads, and I’m okay with that. She’s supportive when I need it and doesn’t say much when I don’t need to hear it. And I’m glad, because frankly, I’m also glad that they don’t read every word.

    And the comment from your dad – fabulous. He’s a great guy!

  18. Megan, I read your Dads blog post and his comment. I can tell he loves you so much. Thanks for sharing. Have the best day.

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