Aloha Friday: Brush Your Teeth

It’s Aloha Friday over at An Island Life!

Answer my question and make sure you post one on your blog!

After that, go relax because today is Friday!!

Question for you this week is:

Do you or your Significant Other brush your teeth in the shower?

My answer:

My hubby does and it bugs the heck out of me {not really sure why though}. I brush my teeth at the sink.


Ok, this joke is horrible and wrong and has a swear word in it, but it got a reaction out of me so I have to post it. That’s just how I roll. Haha!!


A man named George was new in the city and needed a job so he saw an ad for a salesman. He responded to the ad and the guy gave him 20 toothbrushes to sell. George went to sell them and came back later on in the day and was asked how he did.

‘’I sold 4 toothbrushes,’’ he said.

‘’Well come back tomorrow,’’ said the guy, ‘’and we’ll see if you can sell more.’’

George returned the next day and went to sell his 20 toothbrushes. He came back later in the day. ‘’How many did you sell?’’ asked the guy.

‘’I sold 5 toothbrushes,’’ answered George.

‘’Maybe you are not cut out for this line of work,’’ said the guy.

‘’Give me one more chance,’’ said George, ‘’ and I will sell the toothbrushes.’’

He came in the next day and said, ‘’I want 1000 toothbrushes.’’

‘’1000?’’ asked the guy, looking surprised. So he loaded 1000 toothbrushes on the back of George’s truck and George took off and came back later on.

The guy asked, ‘’How many did you sell?’’

‘’954,’’ said George.

‘’954?’’ asked the guy, ‘’How did you sell so many?’’

‘’Well I went to the airport where there were a lot of people, set up a table there and set down lots of chocolates and said, ’get your free chocolates here,’ and the people came up and tried them and said, ‘yuck, this tastes like shit.’ and I said, ‘it is shit, do you want to buy a toothbrush?’’’





  1. Brushing in the shower??? I’ve never thought of that.. so naturally none of us do it.. but despite the fact that the “spitting process” should take place in the sink area… just brushing while singing in the shower sounds like fun:)

    Happy Aloha Friday!Wanna check out mine?:)

  2. My husband does it, so I wound up doing it.

  3. Neither of us do, thank goodness!

  4. What a salesman! So funny, I love it.

  5. No brushing in the shower here….that joke was awful, but funny!!

  6. We are both sink brushers! 🙂

  7. My hubby is also a shower brusher. I HATE it, but oh well. He says it’s no different, but I beg to differ. LOL!

    That joke was nasty but funny!

  8. No,we do not brush in the Shower

  9. No,we do not brush in the Shower

  10. Gosh I hate to admit I brush my teeth in the shower. It’s just more convenient. I take a shower every morning, so why wash your hair, wash your face, shave your legs, wash your body, but leave your teeth icky until you get out??? Just something to think about.

  11. I never even thought of doing that… & it sorta grosses me out.. you gotta spit, right? EWWW… that getting all mixed in the water on your feet… ewww…. I’m not a graceful spitter anyways… I gotta lean over the sink really good or its dribbling down my chin. Pretty though, huh?

  12. I’ve actually never heard of anyone brushing their teeth in the shower. So, nope I’ve done that.

  13. Hubby and I both, on occasion brush in the shower. Not sure how we decide that that will be the day to do it, but it is very random. Ususally the other one is around to give and take back the toothbrush from outside the shower. I always tease him and say I’m going to leave and he’ll have to figure out where to place the toothbrush when he’s done, and I’m not there to take it. Gross, Huh?

    The joke made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  14. NO, we do not use our toothbrushes in the shower 🙂 I as well find it GROSS! 🙂
    I prefer to just use the sink, lol 🙂 I am posting a question too 🙂 LOVE the idea!

  15. I used to but now do it at the sink. It used to be a big time saver for me (or so I thought).

    That joke is funny!

  16. Nope, just at the sink.

  17. Hi, I’m visiting from SITS!
    I honestly have never heard of brushing in the shower, but I bet that would help with the toothpaste on the sink problem. I feel like I am always scrubbing toothpaste off the sink!
    🙂 Dolli-Mama

  18. I used to be a shower tooth brusher sometimes but now I only do it at the sink. I realized that when you are in the shower you have soap and shampoo and um germs flying around as the water splatters on you and decided that wasnt sanitary!

    the joke was nasty and hilarious!

  19. I’m a day late……what’s new, stopping by from SITS, and congrats on your day!
    So congrats to your sister, and eww to your hubby for brushing in the shower.

    Your blog is lovely and open and honest.

    I have my own fertility saga , but no matter what anyone tells you, rarely do others feel as difficult as your own. I don’t even know if I’ve ever blogged about it, I have twin girls now age 16 and an 11 year old son…..I’m very blessed.
    Enjoy the weekend and stop by my place anytime!

  20. I’ve brushed on occasion in the shower. My husband thinks it’s weird.

  21. I had never heard of this either, but no, none of us here do — we all brush at the sink 🙂

  22. It sounds gross to me, but I feel that way about a lot of things. Thankfully I have never lived with anyone who did that.

  23. Nope. I’ve never even HEARD of anyone doing that! Weird!! But I’m sure there are many other, much more strange, things a person could do.

  24. My husband does it. At first, I thought it was nasty…but I’m now a pro at it;)

    Thanks for the comment on my page…and thanks for following me too!

  25. Hilarious joke! Hey, girl, congratulations on your Sits Day and thanks so much for swinging by my blog on my Sits Day last week:-)

  26. Yuck, who brushes their teeth in the shower? Not that I’m judging, just don’t do it in mine!

  27. I usually do both – sometimes at the sink, and sometimes in the shower. But whenever I brush my teeth in the shower, I keep myself away from the drain, so my spewing won’t get to my foot. I usually go for things that are currently comfortable for me, but in the case of keeping my dental health in a good level, I usually go to the dentist in Memphis, TN quarterly.

    I have a lot of reasons why did I become very, very self-conscious of my dental health and visits to the dentist. Memphis, Tennessee is a good place for socializing, and it is one of the reasons for my self-consciousness.

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