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After that, go relax because today is Friday!!

Question for you this week is:

Which do you prefer: tent camping or hotel room?
My answer:

I PREFER a nice hotel room, but getting out into nature {as long as I don’t have to sleep directly on the ground} is nice once in awhile too {as long as it’s not freezing cold!}.

Three sacks

There was a blond, brunette, and a redhead that had just robbed a store.
The cops spotted them, so they started to run.
They saw a barn and ran into it. Once inside — they found three potato bags that they hid in.
The cops saw them enter the barn and went in to find the three robbers.
The cops saw the three sacks moving so they went to investigate.
A cop kicked the first bag, which was the brunette’s.
She said “woof, woof.” They thought it was just some little puppies.
He went over to the redheads bag and kicked it.
She said “meow, meow.” They thought it was just some kittens.
Then the cops went to the last bag which was the blonde’s.
They kicked it and she said “potato, potato.”


The Blonde and The Grasshopper

A blonde received an assignment from her science teacher. The assignment was what will happen after you pull all of the legs off of a grasshopper. So the blonde says jump grasshopper jump. And the grasshopper jumped. So she pulled off one leg and said jump grasshopper jump. And the grasshopper jumped. So she does this until she got down to the last leg. So she pulled it off. Then she said jump grasshopper jump. And the grasshopper didn’t jump. so she wrote down on her piece of paper.

They lose their hearing



  1. Are you ready for this?
    I’ve never, not once ever, camped.

    So while I suppose I should say I prefer the hotel room (and I’m pretty positive I do) I have this feeling that if I stay around A’s family much longer some camping will be involved…

  2. I love getting out in nature and camping on the ground.
    Weird, I know.
    I moved to Alaska from Ohio and we camped the entire way here. I had so much fun!

  3. Hotel, please. 😉

  4. Well at least the scientific blonde got her grammar right! 🙂 “Their vs there vs they’re”….nice work.

    And we used to tent it when I was a kid…I can’t bring myself to fathom doing it now.

  5. Is it sad I love the blond jokes?

  6. I do enjoy an occasional hotel stay but I LOVE camping!! It’s so nice to get away from everything and relax.

  7. Camping for sure!! Love it!

  8. Well I do like a nice hotel room but camping is fun too. I agree though, it can’t be too cold or else its just miserable. I like the fact that with camping there is nothing to do but play games, roast marshmellows, talk, go to the beach (if you are near one), that kind of thing. That part of it is fun to me.

  9. If there’s an air mattress involved, then I’d pick camping. Never ever again will I sleep on just blankets. I’m getting too old! ha ha

  10. I prefer hotel, but I like camping too.

  11. Camping, but only by a smidge.

  12. hotel hands down!

    i love your blonde jokes!

  13. Those blonde jokes are hysterical!

    Hotel room, definitely! It’s way too uncomfortable trying to sleep on the ground at my age. Although being in a tent with the right person can be nice too…

  14. Hotel room for me preferably at a Bed and Breakfast with a whirlpool tub.

  15. Definitely a hotel room. I’m allergic to tents:)

  16. Puna is allergic to tents. Hilarious!

    I would go for the hotel room too. I can rough it but hey if I have a choice!

  17. I’ve never been camping, and when I was younger it was something I always wanted to try. Now, at 37, I think I can live without it, and love a nice hotel room !

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