It’s An Obsession (Giveaway)

Really…truly…an O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N…a sickness.

I may need a 12 step program for this.

Don’t ask me when it started. It was likely shortly after I got married.

Before I got married? You’d rarely catch me cooking anything. Possibly baking, but never cooking. A meal. Nope. It just didn’t happen.

And while I cook now…and even enjoy it a lot of the times…it’s not the cooking or baking I’m obsessed with.

It’s not the food I’m obsessed with.

It’s the cookbooks.

The pretty, colorful, amazingly delicious looking pictures.

Makes my stomach growl just looking at them.

{And I only like the ones with the pretty pictures! I need to know what the food is supposed to look like! Hello!}

But guess what?


Puts a damper on making new things from my amazing cookbooks.

So, a lot of the times I just look at the pictures and dream of making the gorgeous looking food.

I think I’d fall over dead if Kyle would actually eat something that had more than a couple ingredients.

I may be slightly exaggerating. MAAAAYYYY-BBBEEEEE. But not by much.

Therefore, I just drool over the food and the pictures and every now and then I can make something pretty amazing that looks somewhat like the pictures I love so much. And that Kyle will eat.

My obsession goes deep.

To show you what I’m talking about…

THIS is my counter where I have cookbooks, magazines, printouts from online and little Easy Home Cooking cookbooks that you can get in the check out lines at the grocery store.

THIS is my bookcase with all of my other cookbooks. They’re shoved in there so tight it’s hard to get them out.
And that’s not all!

Think I’m crazy yet?

Online, I subscribe to:

Relish! {I pay for this one every 6 months}

Weight Watchers {I pay for this one monthly, even though I’m not officially ON WW right now…I don’t think you have to pay to use the recipes, though.}

HungryGirl {Free!}

EatingWell {Free!}

Kraft Foods {Free!}

At home, I receive:

Cooking Light

Kraft Foods

Cuisine At Home

And I used to get the Easy Home Cooking thingy. {looks like they’re no longer being printed.}

One of my very favorite food websites is:

All Recipes

I use this website All. The. Time.

You think I’m insane now, don’t you?

The thing is, when I buy cookbooks, I very rarely will pay full price.

I LOVE Borders and Barnes&Noble’s bargain section for that reason. Borders especially.

{The subscriptions are another thing…I rationalize it by telling myself that it’s once every six months or a year, depending…with Weight Watchers, I’m not going to unsubscribe because I paid the enrollment fee years ago and I don’t want to pay it again, so I just pay the small monthly fee to keep it going.}

Now that I’ve spilled my {deep, dark} secret …haha… you’d probably like to know about this giveaway.


Thought so.

Because I’m SUCH a BARGAIN shopper when it comes to cookbooks, I was able to get ALL of these cookbooks for SO CHEAP, it’s crazy!

And I’m now going to give YOU the chance to WIN one of them…FIVE of you will be lucky winners!!


You should be!

While I’ve never used any of these cookbooks personally, I thought they all looked like ones I’d want to have in my collection. It’s very difficult for me to let them go. ;0P

Without further adieu…

This one came as a set of three, so the lucky winner will get all three.
{Just 100 Calories, Just 10 Minutes, Just 4 Things}
I bought this one for myself, too.
{I love all WW cookbooks!}

How do you WIN?


Leave me a comment telling me your favorite food website, blog or cookbook to feed my obsession even more.

Tell me which one you’d most like to win (second, third, etc. choices would be helpful, too).



  • Follow me, or let me know that you already do
  • Follow me on Twitter, or let me know that you already do
  • Tweet about my giveaway and let me know that you did
  • Post about my giveaway and give me the direct link to the post
  • Favorite me on Technorati

Giveaway will end on July 31st at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

Winners will be chosen by

Winners will be posted on August 1st.

Sorry, this giveaway is limited to US residents only.

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  1. Dang gina! You DO have a lot of cookbooks!! I love cookbooks too. I love the free Kraft ones. I’m gonna have to check out the Eating Well. I think I have the Hungry Girl online. I like to get the Kraft one in the mail. It’s free that way too.

    Okay, I LOVE to get recipes off the internet as well. I love All Recipes. It’s so easy to find great recipes. And easy to change a couple things. I like using it as a basis to create. If I can get the basics of a recipe, then I like to tweak it.

    Anyways, okay, I would LOVE to win ANY of them, but #4 & #5 are my faves!!

    My ‘official’ comment. πŸ™‚

  2. Okay, following you on Twitter. Follow me back. πŸ™‚

  3. Faved ya on Technorati!

  4. Tweet tweet!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Okay. The first step is admitting you have a problem. You have done that. Good work. The first step is the hardest. You have a lot of books. Haha. This post cracked me up.

  6. i use recipezaar online for a lot of recipes! i’m like you, i need pictures!!!

    great collection πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of cookbooks! LOL!

    Let’s see…I like WW online too for recipies and ideas. I also get ideas for the kraft one too.

    I think the WW cook it quick would be my top choice, followed by the 4 things one.

  8. Also – I’m a follower of you! Have been for a while!

  9. My favorite website/magazine is cooking light. My favorite of your choices is #3, then #2, then #1. Fun!

  10. I follow you!

  11. I love recipe zarr for online but for in the kitchen i like jessica sinefields cook deceptivly delicious. You use veggie purees for hiding veggies in the meals. alot of her stuff is really good. also the biggest losers family cookbook.

    I would like to win number 2 or 3

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. i follow you

  14. I follow on twitter

  15. I tweeted @bakenate

  16. My goodness at all the cookbooks.

    My pick would be the Better Homes one.

  17. I think the cookbook I use the most often is probably the Weight Watchers cookbook (shocking!!!) or the South Beach Diet or Abs Diet cookbooks. It’s hard to find recipes out there that are healthy, diet-friendly and DH-friendly!

    Yes, I follow you on Twitter. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh YUMMY!!! You made my stomach growl just by lookin at the cookbooks πŸ™‚ I would love #2,#1, #5, #4, and #3…in that order πŸ™‚

    One of my favorite websites to look for recipes is on the South Beach Diet website… I’m not on the diet any longer, but they ALWAYS have great recipes to choose from.

    Thanks for the entry πŸ™‚

  19. Dog dang girl! That is some serious cook book love. I’ve actually gotten rid of most of my cookbooks. Just a couple left but I also went through that phase. I mostly cook from allrecipes dot com these days and it’s rarely let me down.

  20. Seems we both have a thing for cookbooks (though you have far more than I do! By a lot!), and picky eaters. I usually end up just making meatloaf pr pork chops, or some other uninspired meal.

    I like the Food Network site. You can choose what chef’s recipes you want to use, so you can decide if you want something lighter, or if you want something with tons and tons of fat and butter (Hello, Paula Deen). My favorite cookbook is the good ole Joy! of Cooking. I use to use that al time when growing up, and when I moved out my mom bought me my own copy!

    I would love to win option #2 (fast, simple, inexpensive, low cal recipes? I’m in!). Alternates? #5, then #3.

  21. I’ve been a follower for a long time now!

  22. I follow on Twitter.

  23. I faved you on Technorati.
    user name-hcherakovic

  24. I love to try new recipes! I get so excited when my “Simple & Delicious” comes every other month. I sit down with my hi-lighter and dog ear all the pages with recipes I want to try. Since I subscribe to the magazine, I can also view their website. Love it. I’ve been getting this magazine (it used to be called “Quick Cooking”) since my husbands grandma got me a subscription for Christmas the first year we were married! That’s 9 years!

  25. I’m a follower now!

  26. My first choice would be the Kids cook book. #2 would be “cook it quick”. #3 is the set of 3. #4 is the soup one. #5 is the Better Homes one.

    Great giveaway, hope I win one!!

  27. I already follow you.

    But anyways, I like #4 best. πŸ™‚

  28. My hubs is so picky too!!! I’ve learned to just cook what I like – his loss!

    My favorite is probably the Kraft magazines.. but I like the site too!


  29. And yes.. I’m a follower! You know I love you! πŸ™‚

  30. AND you know I keep up on Twitter too!

  31. My fav site is All
    I truly love option 5.

  32. Option #3 would be my choice because two of my children are REALLY picky eaters and maybe this one would help. If I can’t win it then I’ll need to buy myself one:)

    Fav site is

  33. So what’s the deal with picky husbands?! Mine has 3 or 4 meals that he wants to eat all the time and refuses to try anything different. I’m to the point that it’s easier to fix us two different dinners than argue over food choices! ACK – so much prep and clean up! One way I make it a little easier is to make myself something in the crockpot because that cuts WAY down on the prep time. So my favorite food blog as of late has been…
    I’ve tried a bunch of things and everything has turned out great! I love that she gives reviews of everything she trys. Thanks for all the food book/magazine/websites all in one place, I’ll be looking up some of these this afternoon!

    If I win I would love to get any of them but #5, #4, or #2(in that order) would be my choice.

  34. I already follow you πŸ™‚

  35. … AND I already follow you on twitter! Let us know when your sis finds out about her test! I’m crossing my fingers for her!

  36. Ohh i’m a cookbook freak too! I love the website it’s like my “google” of recipes. Number 4 is my favorite and number 1 is my second favorite πŸ™‚

  37. I follow you

  38. I’m the same way. I love drooling over cookbooks.

    I’d love 4 and 5.

  39. I have the same sickness! I have lots of cookbooks that I also buy only when they are marked waaaaaay down. I also print a ton of recipes from the internet, including Weight Watchers ( I am “doing” Weight Watchers though). My favorite website is….love it! I have an entire folder of websites under my favorits

  40. I follow you here!

  41. I follow you on Twitter too…family of shorts

  42. Oh and #4 would be my first pick, then #3 then #5, then #2, then #1

  43. Now this is a give away that I can get into.

    Fav cookbook: America’s Test Kitchen: Family Cookbook

    I also get Cuisine at Home…if you like that you should try Cook’s Illustrated (fav cooking mag).

  44. I follow you already.

    Frannie Fires Back

  45. We’re already tweet buds. I tweet as italiangirl0712

  46. I tried to fav you on Technorati but in all honesty I’m not sure I did it right.

  47. I’d like #1.

    As a matter of fact if I don’t win I may go on the hunt for it anyway. Did you say you found it at B&N?

  48. I would love to win the BH&G or the kids one, but they are all good prizes.

    my fave site is either or

    I follow you, too.

  49. Hi, My name is Maureen and I to am a Cookbook Junkie.. I LOVE them.. I read them like they are a best selling Novel..
    Cookbooks are the best value in a book..
    I am so excited about your giveaway.. and that is so sad because I have 100’s of great awesome cookbooks.. yet I feel the need to have more.
    My favorite foodie websites are… I know she isn’t just food, but her recipes are amazing.
    Miss Ree at Pioneerwoman now has a brand new cooking site.. Yeah!!! so excited.. Tasty Kitchen.. what a great name..

    Thanks for the chance
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

  50. Count me in. I love all recipes and I also get the hungry girl newsletter. I also love Rachael Ray cookbooks.

  51. I also follow you on twitter as capperson

  52. and I’m a follower on here!

  53. I left out which one I would like the most. I actually cant decide, I’m such a cookbook nerd. i guess if I really had to choose it would be number 5, but I could go for any of them.

  54. i tried to comment last night…just after midnbight and blogger was being dumb… πŸ™

    anyway, i enjoy the i also love going to google and typing in random ingredients i have on hand. seriously, try it. I think the last one I did was “chicken, crackers, sour cream” and got a lovely casserole recipe! oh and I do have a blog for my recipes that I sort of throw together or experiement with/tweak…

    i would love the cookbooks in the following order… 2, 5, 4

    thanks! πŸ™‚

  55. i’m following you now! i lovvveeee cooking – my fave cook is paula deen, LOVE them! I’m ADDICTED to food network! I’d love any of the books – in no particular order…. any cookbook is a great one, you can get tips from everywhere!! πŸ™‚

  56. h.o.l.y. cookbooks.

    I’m not entering… I hate cooking and Mr. R is OK with that πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to say WOWSERS!!! You are a SERIOUS cook!!

  57. Oh my gosh… that’s A LOT of cookbooks!

    My favorite food website to go to is:

    I also get her magazine monthly. πŸ™‚

  58. I would want to win the test kitchen book or the set of three.

  59. I follow you on twitter πŸ˜‰

  60. I follow your blog.

  61. I faved you on technorati.

  62. I tweeted about your giveaway!

  63. AllRecipes is my favorite. Love that site.
    I’d love the soup book. I do love soups.

  64. My mother in law has truthfully about 3000 cookbooks. Yes 3000. They line the walls of the basement in their house.

  65. Whoa… and I thought I had a lot of cookbooks! That IS an obsession, Megan! lol

  66. My favorite plate online to get new recipes is:

    Good recipes for adults and kids.

    I would love to win, I’m constantly looking for new recipes.

  67. Oh, I love cookbooks, too! The most recent new thing I made was from a chuch cookbook my mom gave me years ago. I search constantly online for new recipes. If I’m a winner, I’d like #5.

  68. And I’m now a follower. (Found you via a nut in a nutshell.)

  69. I alway rely a Betty Crocker cookbook that I have from when I first got married. It doesn’t even have a cover anymore but I think it’s called Betty Crocker’s new cookbook. I’m not giving it up. doot65[at]comcast{dot}net

  70. I follow you on twitter (blueviolet)

  71. You’re in my Technorati faves:

  72. I have your giveaway listed for ya here

    I forgot to prioritize the books so here’s my choices:

    1. Weight Watchers
    2. BH Test Kitchen Favorites
    3. Soup Bowl


  73. I love Madhur Jafrey

    Fave options-3 n 2, 4 n 5

  74. I love I find alot of good stuff on there.

    I’d like to win #3, but #2 and #5 seem pretty cool too.

  75. I love cookbooks! My favorite new “addiction” is actually the iPhone app- Big Oven.

    I would love to win any of them, but I think I would use #5 the most. Thanks!!

  76. Oh I love it! Finally! Someone else who has a cookbook addiction! πŸ˜‰

    I absolutely LOVE All Recipes – I use them quite frequently! Other than that, I will sit for hours scouring the pile’o’cookbooks I have for a new/unique/interesting recipe to cook…luckily the Hovering Hubby is a great guinea pig, so that helps. πŸ˜‰

    I’d love to be the winner of #2, #3 or #4 in that order… πŸ˜‰

  77. I’m already a Follower… πŸ˜‰

  78. I follow you on Twitter (@SassyDesigns) πŸ™‚

  79. I already have you as a favorite in Technorati… (SassyDesigns) πŸ™‚

  80. Hahaha I can so relate- and pick just one site? Haha I would tell you my food site but I have ignored it and am just now getting it audience ready and you mentioned allrecipes so I will say I also love

  81. Ack sorry Ian is helping and he clicked early – I don’t have the link onhand but Pioneer Woman started a food blog recently too.

    Books in order- Kids Bible then the Just books then Test Kitchen then WW then finally Soups I love a good soup but hardly ever make any.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. Follow

  83. Already Tweet with you dddiva

  84. The fix it and forget it cookbooks are my favorite. I love my crockpot.
    1st choice: just 100 caloreis, 10 minutes and 4 thing
    2nd choice: Test kitchen

  85. I follow on twitter: momsavesmoney

  86. Im another obsessive cookbook person glad to know Im not the only one:)

    Favorite sites are

  87. I love my old Betty Crocker cookbook. You know, the old brilliant orange hardback ones that take up 2′ of vertical space? πŸ™‚ It has the best black midnight cake recipe ever in there!

    I love the Kids Cooking Bible, and the Better Homes and Garden – would love to win one! πŸ™‚ thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  88. I’m pretty bad, myself. I love books in general, and cookbooks are no exception! Cooking magazines even moreso! We should swap, can you use a Sushi cookbook? Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

    My fave recipe sites vary. I like Vegetarian Mamma:

    I also like Crockpot365:

    Thanks for the chance to win! The children’s bible is the first one I’d choose, then the soups one, then it’d be up to you!

  89. wowza!! favorite cookbook is an oldie but goodie: Joy of Cooking!

  90. I follow you of course

  91. I follow you on Twitter too!

  92. I tweeted about you too!!

  93. Let see — If I win I would prefer #1, 4, 3, 2 or 5. I love cookbooks too. One of my favorite websites is I saw in your pics a copy of a recipe you had printed there as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. I don’t have one favorite cookbook. I tend to love the church group ones. I’ve picked up several over the years. As for what I’d like to win…any of the above would be just perfect. I too love cookbooks.

  95. I am now following you on blogger.

  96. I’m now following you on twitter, user name is audreyokaneko

  97. I would love to win Soup Bowl! πŸ™‚

    I’m a follower!

    My favorite food website is LOVE it! πŸ™‚

  98. I LOVE to cook! If I weren’t a sahm, I’d be a chef. Even took some patissiere calesses back in the day.

    I used to like foonnetwork dot com but now I get most of my good recipes from all recipes as well.

    If you want to try an interesting cookbook you have to check out Biker Billy’s Hog Wild cookbook. Some crazy recipes in there. I’ve made the inferno tacos twice. SO good. Made with chipotle peppers and beer.

  99. I’m following you now.

  100. And I already follow you on twitter. That’s how I found your contest.

  101. I have a all time favorite cookbook. It is the one I give as gifts when I can find it online. Everyone LOVES it.
    Taste Of Home 1990 annual recipes.
    You will LOVE it and I can tell you which are the best to try…LOL

  102. Oh I forgot to add..I would love any of the cookbooks But I think the Better Homes Test Kitchen one looks like a GREAT one. Then sec the soup one..
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. I follow you on Twitter..already.

  104. I already follow your blog.

  105. I tweeted…AmyB11569I so hope I win…

  106. Someone who loves food as much as I do! Wooooo! All Recipes is a great site. I also love checking out the Food Network site every once in a while.

    If I win a cookbook, I’m going to send it to a friend as a gift. πŸ™‚

    Kelli @

  107. OH, and I’m following you. πŸ™‚

  108. I faved you on Technorati


  109. You really can’t beat all recipes…. but I’m also a fan of the Food Network site and Yum!

    I thought I had a cookbook obsession, but I feel much better now πŸ™‚

  110. Oops, forgo to give you my faves (ok all of them):

    Cooking for kids bible
    Just 4 things
    soup bowl
    test kitchen favorites

    And yes, I follow you!

  111. And I follow you on Twitter (@honestandtruly)

  112. And tweeting about it now – I’ll include you in the tweet since I can’t figure out how to send the link of the tweet proof πŸ™‚

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