Totally Awkward Tuesday: The Fall

It was approximately January 3rd of either 2004 or 2005. It was the second day of my vacation. It was a either a Wednesday or Sunday. {Some of these details are a bit foggy.}

It was the evening and I decided to make a stop at Fred Meyer. I don’t remember if there was anything specific I stopped for, but when I walked in, I saw some fun dishes I wanted to get. There was a popcorn bucket in a teal blue. There were the same color bowls that had ice cream written on them. And there were bowls in green and yellow {the links are the approx. shapes of the bowls} that said snack and dip on them. Totally cute and fun.

So I gathered those and I think I went and got some groceries as well.

When it was time to check out, I used the self-check line.

I had my arms full of bags. Like four or so. These dishes were ceramic so a bit heavy and then whatever else I decided to get in the bags, too.

I was done checking out so, obviously, going to head to my car.

I was walking, walking, walking.

{Slow motion}


Face plant.

EVERYTHING went flying across the floor.

I had fallen and landed on my shoulder. I think I hit my head too.

Oh yeah. And where I fell?

Directly in front of ALL the check out lines AND the pharmacy.

Immediately, store employees were flocking to me.

Someone tells another employee to go and replace the ceramic dishes that had just gone flying. {I had gotten 2 of each bowl and one popcorn bucket}

Someone else is on their radio calling someone else.

It’s a flurry of motion.

And it’s all because of me.

Hello embarrassment!

Someone {or two} got me to a bench right in the pharmacy area.

They asked if I wanted to call anyone to come and get me because we weren’t sure if I had broken my arm.

Both my dad and inlaws lived within a mile or so, in different directions.

I tried both of them. But because it was either a Wednesday or Sunday, they were at church so not answering their phones.

I really didn’t want to call Kyle because I knew he was working on something that needed to get done that night, for work, and our house was about 20-30 minutes away.

But I had no one else to call at that moment.

So I called him.

He was NOT happy having to stop what he was doing to come and get me.

I was in SO much pain though and insanely humiliated.

Someone sat with me till Kyle got there and they had to take a statement of what happened, etc. They took pictures of the area in which I slipped and felt around to see if there was water on the floor. I still don’t know if there was, but I think I was just walking fast, in low heels, and I just happened to catch the edge of my shoe and that’s what sent me flying.

I told them it was my fault and I wasn’t going to sue them or anything like that.

Kyle got there and I made him take me to the hospital to check out my arm / shoulder.

We waited there for about 4 or 6 hours!

And you know what they told me?

It was a contusion!

Are you KIDDING me?!

We waited that long for me to only have a stupid bruise?!

So dumb!

Not that I wanted something more serious to be there, but you know how it is in a hospital waiting room. Long and boring.

That made Kyle even more irritated because he had had to pick me up. Then take me to the hospital. And I only had a frickin BRUISE?

What can I say? I’m full of grace!

While my shoulder eventually felt better, it was, no joke, AT LEAST 3 YEARS before I felt no pain!

It’s still way embarrassing to think about that evening, but I still go to Fred Meyer’s. I’m just more careful. *wink*

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  1. I am not laughing AT you…

    But WITH you…


    awwwww….poor girl!

  2. I’m with The Muse… I didnt mean to – but I busted out laughing! Falling people cracks me up!! At my bridal shower – at work – they had a picture from a safety magazine that always made me laugh because it had falling people in it – they BLEW up a picture – like WALL SIZE!!!! We had that picture at my wedding reception! :o)

    Give me Funniest Home Videos with people taking a dive & I’m a goner! :o) Glad you were OK though!

  3. OH poor you, I feel your pain. Literally! I fell once coming out of church. In the street. Tons of people behind me. My shoe flew off. I was mortified!

  4. Yikes!! I would have been mortified!! Kyle could have been a little nicer about it though – just sayin! You could have been seriously hurt!! At least “contusion” sounds like something serious!!

  5. Oh, you poor thing…LOL I’ve got the edge of my heels before too, and I figure it’s only a matter of time before I totally wipe out. And I sympathize with the unsympathetic husband. Mine wouldn’t help a woman up after she fell to her knees on some concrete steps at a donut shop (what’s he doing getting donuts in the morning anyhow???), because all he could think was “she’s stupid trying to look cute in such a short skirt and heels in the dead of winter.”

  6. I’ve done that so many times! You poor thing!

  7. Why do we always fall at the most embarassing times? Never can we fall where there is no one around so we can jump up quick and pretend it never happened.

  8. oh lord… that was too funny!! thanks for sharing!

  9. Look on the bright side… all witnesses were all strangers. Humiliating, but at least it wasn’t family, friends or co-workers.

  10. Im with the Muse I did laugh at you but with you, poor thing I could only imagine how much pain you must have been in.

  11. Oh – you poor thing! And Kyle was mad that he had to come get you??? OH – you give that boy a punch in the shoulder for me!

    Haha… but I can totally picture the whole thing and I’m sorry to confess that I’m laughing at the mental image! 😉

  12. Ok, I had to go read the definition of contusion because it sounds a hellofa lot worse then a bruise!

    Totally something I would do!

  13. We are awful for laughing at you. I enjoyed your post today. Of course I have had an embarrassing fall when I was a teenager in front of a yard full of boys. Horrible!

  14. i’m glad you were okay, because i can’t stop laughing!!

  15. Ouch! I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt, and that you had someone to call, regardless of his reluctance to come get you. Better safe than sorry.

  16. Oh my gosh how humiliating! As much as I know you wouldn’t want to be in pain (and I wouldn’t wish a bad injury on anyone), it would have almost been better if it was something worse so it would seem worth the time and effort to both you and Kyle!

    Falling people totally make me laugh just like Rebecca Jo. It’s an awful curse because I can’t even stop myself from laughing even when I know I shouldn’t be and I know I am making the person feel worse! If I had been there I probably would have been hiding in the aisles laughing! How horrible am I?

  17. I worked in retail for 20 years and have seen many,many people fall down, poop their pants….etc! Don’t feel bad! Most people do try to sue. We once had someone suing over a banana peel in the parking lot. Crazy people, but everyone seems to want to get rich quick.

    Sorry, your arm took so long to heal.

  18. weird. y’know i have heard of people getting injured and being told by one dr it is “just a contusion” and then later down the rd told by another it is a hairline fracture, but so small hardly noticeable. it’s possible that you really did have a “break” – but just so small that whomever read the xrays didnt see it.

    oh – and once, I was in Target, shopping alonf, mindung my own business, while coming around the corner was some lady with a LONG-HANDLED BROOM hanging out of her cart, and she was going way past the commonly-known “understoond” shopping-cart speed limit. Sure enough, I met up with that broom at the corner—**SMACK**– Same thing. I went down, employees flocked, raidos paged management, forms were filled out. The “Smack” was so loud against my head, they were worried I might have had a concussion. The DUM?B lady foolishy says, “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t have been ‘driving’ my cart so fast with this broom sticking out.”
    I was like, “NO $#!], Sherlock!” Anyway, I was only mildly dizzy and thankfully was still able to drive me and my three children home. Then they called me a week later – Target did – to see how I was “recovering”… ugh. I wanted to make a “citizens arrest” for “grocery cart speeding” to that stupid pleb!

  19. Oh no! I’m glad you were ok, but that was probably waaaay embarrassing.

  20. Oh noooooooo!! Ouch. And, dare I say it, LOL?!! I missed a step at a chinese restaurant last year when I was like 6 months preggers and totally bit it in front of a full dining room of people. Didn’t even put my hands out to stop myself, just bashed my head into the ground. The worst thing was, hubby was standing right next to me and watched the whole thing, but never even put out a hand to stop me. Maybe it happened to fast or he was shocked, but I still give him crap about that. Glad you’re okay. I may have said this on a previous awkward Tuesday post, but you should really link these up at for her True Story Tuesday. Your posts would totally fit in with the funny stuff they’ve got there!

  21. Oh how awkward! It’s so humiliating to fall in front of people! At least you feel better now, right?

  22. Oh my gosh! That is embarrassing!

  23. You poor thing! If it hurt that long I’d go back to my doctor to double check.

    Stupid stuff like that ALWAYS happens in grocery stores. At least they replaced your dishes!!!

  24. What a nightmare! Glad you were okay though!

  25. I read your 6 years post and was very touched but could not get into your comment box. It’s always God’s will for people to have kids especially good people like you. Maybe it’s in your destiny to have a child with a great mission but it could be that he has to be covered from head to toe with prayer first. Read the stories of Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah and Elizabeth. All late conceptions. All great missions to perform. Catholic tradition tells us that Mother Mary was born in the old age of her parents too. Some kids need extra prayer support. My prayers are with you and God bless you!

  26. Aw, you poor thing. I want to hit Kyle in the shoulder though…kinda hard…is that ok? ;O)
    Happy SITS Day! x

  27. Reading it again…it is pretty funny…. 🙂

  28. Ugh! You poor thing! But, alas, you are not alone.. I have tripped and fallen in front of people more than I care to recall:)
    Happy SITS Day!

  29. Awww, I’m so laughing with you right now! I’m a total klutz sometimes too, so I can definitely relate, although at the moment, I can’t think of a good klutzy story…perhaps that’s my insinct for self-preservation kicking in…happy SITS day!

  30. you poor thing! 🙂

  31. Yowzers! I bet that was painful- even if it was only a bruise!

    I’m a total klutz. I sprained my ankle last week….ugh. LOL!
    Happy SITS day!

  32. OOOOOOh – been there, done that! NOT fun! (however, like so many things that are no fun when they happen, VERY funny when they’re told!)

  33. I am glad you had it checked out, it could have been more. And, in my opinion, you would be more important than my job! Just saying.
    Cheryl 🙂

  34. OMG megan you’re a trip, no pun intended – ok maybe just a little. Funny but not so funny really. I am glad you went to the hospital though. It surely sounded like you broke something.

    Happy SITS to you girl!

  35. That sounds like something I would do! Happy SITS day 🙂

  36. Oh no! That would be embarrassing. Glad you can laugh about it and share it with us!

    Enjoy Fred Meyer for me. We no longer live in the land of Fred Meyer, and I miss it!

  37. Hey – bruises can be intense! And excruciatingly painful!

    As can the humiliation.

  38. How embarrassing! That’s something you had pain for 3 years after that though if it was just a bruise. Four to six hours in the hospital emergency room isn’t unusual though, if you don’t have a life threatening issue. Nice the store replaced your bowls for you!

    My dad fell after doing his grocery shopping in the store parking lot. They were very nice and called the paramedics–he was in his 80s. I got a call saying he was refusing to go to the hospital but hurt his head so they really thought he should go have it checked. Somehow they got him there and I went to meet him. While they did the catscan, I went to get his car and put away his groceries for him. I got back to the hospital and he still wasn’t out yet.

    Happy SITS Day!

  39. Hehehe Glad you can laugh! And that it EVENTUALLY turned out ok, EVENTUALLY! A friend was with a friend of hers, walking up some stairs, when her friend tripped and fell. My friend laughed and laughed(so did her friend). Then coming back down the stairs, her friend tripped again. My friend laughed and laughed. She later found out that her friend had had an MS episode and her whole left side was numb. She still feels awful about it to this day, but is full of admiration for her friend that could also laugh about it. Way to laugh SITSta!

  40. LMFAO I’m sorry. That had to have sucked.

  41. Gee….It’s great that they should be so attentive and caring. I was in a grocer’s years ago carrying my then 3 month old baby girl and slipped on some ice cream. I know I must have looked ridiculous because in my fall I was trying to twist myself from front to back so as to hit the floor first while protecting my baby from hitting that hard floor. No one came to help me, no one cared if we were hurt…..They just stood there laughing and pointing; which only added to the embarrassment. It was later the next day that I found out I had chipped the bone in my elbow. Needless to say, I never went back to that store.

  42. Oh freak, forget the embarassement. The pain! Enjoy your SITS day.

  43. Oh freak, forget the embarassement. The pain! Enjoy your SITS day.

  44. i don’t have the same situation but a humilitating one that i will share… its quick..

    i worked in a factory where the ratio of men to women was 15 to 1… we all had to line up to clock out in the evening… i stumbled on something and dropped my purse and all my tampons went rolling across the floor… i was so embarrased…

    Stopping in from SITS! Happy Featured Blogger Day!


    visit me

  45. I almost stumble on such a regular basis it’s not even funny. Congrats on being FB over at SITS!

  46. I love this! I’ve had my fair share of those moments as well! Congrats on being featured at SITS!

  47. at least you have a good story! hia from SITS!

  48. ARe you sure that you aren’t a member of my family!? We take falling down to a higer level than most! And absolutely pee our pants laughing when it happens! Ah isn’t it lovely being full of grace?

    I’d love for you to come an visit

  49. 3 years of pain? That was one heck of a contusion! You are a tough cookie.
    I can so imagine the embarrassment….
    Glad you are feeling better:)

  50. Oh girl 😉 Glad that contusion got better, tee hee. Totally sounds like something that would happen to me.

    Jamie 🙂

  51. I’ve definitely had moments like that, too! Mine end up with my feet flying out from under me and landing on my back. 🙂

    SO sorry that your fall caused three years’ worth of reminders, though. No one wants to think about embarrassing moments that long.

  52. They say “One day you’ll laugh at this” and I’m glad you’re at that point:-)

    The blogger version of that saying is: Hey, at least it’s something to blog about!

  53. There is never anything funny about slipping and falling. Couple months ago I slid on a piece of fencing laying in my yard, fell hard and busted my buns. Frankly at my age I’m shocked I didn’t injure myself worse than a bruise!

    Hope you had a great feature day.

  54. LOL. I think eveyone was had an awkward moment or two – some just worse than others.

  55. Poor You! That sounds like something that I would do. haha

    Happy SITS day!

  56. Ouch! That sounds painful! And shame on your husband for not being a bit more caring and gracious.

  57. Holy Hannah!! That’s so funny! And totally something I would do!!!

  58. OUCH!!!!!!

    Happy SITS day.

    LBM xxxx

  59. As graceful as I always am (NOT) I can sympathize with you!

    Stopping by from SITS, congrats on being the featured blogger!

  60. Wow, I would die!! That would be so embarrassing! But how could your husband be mad at you for falling?

  61. I fell a few months ago and felt the same way. I went to the ER and they were insanely busy, with MUCH more serious emergencies to deal with, and all I had was a sprained ankle. But I still have pain from that fall, too. I totally feel ya!

    Congrats on the SITs feature!

  62. Thanks for sharing this story with such wit and candor. It made me think back on some of my most embarassing moments from a different angle ~ and helped me appreciate the humor in them. Congrats on your SITS day!

  63. How awful! I was lost in Fred Meyer when I was a kid. I think that place must be cursed. So glad you were okay.

    Happy Sits day!

  64. Aww man, that would really suck!

  65. I’m glad you were okay and it was only a bruise. I’ve had embarrassing falls more than once in the past. Once you know you haven’t hurt yourself for real, it always helps to laugh a little.

  66. i am weirdo b/c i almost enjoy the fall b/c i am usually laughing harder than anyone else THINKING about how funny it must have looked

    see, i’m chuckling right now

    happy SITS day

  67. just pick yourself up and keep on going girl 🙂 you gotta be able to laugh at yourself!!! xo Happy SITS Day!

  68. Happy SITS day

  69. Oh no! That is NOT good, but at least you lived to tell about it and it was funny! My hubby would have been annoyed, too. How dare they?!??! Happy SITS Day!

  70. I can sooo relate. I did one of those face plants – in a parking lot- cracked my front teeth 🙁

  71. Oh no…how terrible. I don’t think I’d be able to show my face there again! You’re braver than I!

  72. We’ve all done it– I know you wanted a payoff for your hours in the ER, but seriously– be glad it was ONLY the contusion! My dad would be saying, “Laugh it off, Baby!” =^)

    Happy SITS day!

  73. Happy SITS Day!

  74. First off, I’m glad ou are ok… that said….


    I would have been laughing.

    at least you didn’t have to pay for the bowls again…

    happy SITS day!!!

  75. Oh man, I’ve so been there!! That’s happened to me at least twice and it’s total embarrassment!! Instead of everyone flocking to you to help you, you really just wish they all would pretend like they hadn’t even noticed!!

  76. Sooo embarrassing. That happened to me in a store once, but I did slip in a puddle of water in the store. It’s funny how you get the royal treatment after a fall in a store. Everybody is scared of being sued. (I didn’t sue. The only thing hurt was my pride.)

  77. OMGoodness. How embarrassing for you. *L*

    I once walked into a tree, you know those stupid ones they put in the middle of sidewalks to make the town look better, cause I was looking at the person I was walking with and bam right into the tree. ouch.

  78. OMG..that is too funnny..glad it was only a bruise..i passed out at my gynecologists office and woke up to 5 doctors surrounding me..i thought i died..literally..i asked if i was i know the feeling of embarrasement in a crowd..keep your feet on the ground and your head in the sky!!

  79. It’s not just me – graceful I am not, bruise easily and badly I do!

    So glad it wasn’t a broken bone.

    Enjoy your FB day at with SITS!

  80. Ok so I commented on this one the first time around….soooooooo still a funny story!

  81. You are so much better at taking care of yourself than me. I would have just gone home, not called anyone or gone to the doc.

  82. Ouch! I trip all the time, but have never gotten hurt. I tripped over a net that was on the ground and my husband and MIL laughed at me. hrmph. Glad that you only had a bruise though!

  83. Miss Klutz here, so I can totally relate!

  84. I do shit like that all the time. I sprained my foot by simply walking in heels and rolling my ankle. I feel your pain.

  85. OUCH!!!! Not funny………well, ok, maybe a little. =)

  86. Happy SITS day! Glad you were ok!
    The only amazing thing is that it was you instead of me… maybe I’m growing out of my 20 year clumsy stage…

  87. I am sure your husband wasn’t really mad with you. Sometimes they cover their worry with other emotions. I am glad that you were ok though.

  88. I can just picture the employees in a lawsuit-fear-induced-tizzy!

  89. Ha Ha! Horrible! Oh what fun!


  90. Isn’t it amazing how embarrassment trumps pain every time.

  91. I have totally done almost the same thing, it’s no fun I’m glad it wasn’t serious.

  92. Ugh…I fell and broke my elbow for the second time a little over a year ago….not fun! I don’t envy you falling in front of everyone like that, though….at least everyone helped, though…..:)

  93. I can admit that I have had a more than ONE of those falls in public! NOt fun!

    Stopping by from SITS

  94. Well “The Muse” may not be laughing AT you but I sure am!


    I’m mean that way. 😉

  95. HI From Sits!! And bless you for being a normal cluzty woman. I always appreciate a good clutz story since I have many. Don’t worry, we’ve all had those want to die right there moments. I love your take on it.

  96. My story is almost exactly like yours… the difference is that I ripped the crotch of my pants and spilled Dr. Pepper all over myself. I swear everyone in the store FROZE and gasped… all at the same time. And stood there for what felt like 5 whole minutes… just staring. Humiliated can’t even begin to describe how I felt!

  97. Oh wow! Usually when stuff like that happens to me, I’m running, skiing, or flying down the side of the mountain on my mountain bike.

  98. I hate the horrible feeling of falling. It’s such an out-of-control, potentially scary feeling. And to have it happen in public, oh the horror. ((hug))

    Congrats on your SITS feature day!

  99. Hi checking in from SITS

    Great Story

  100. Hello, fellow SITSa! Wow, I felt like I was right there watching you. So sorry that happened and it took 3 years for the pain to go away. Oh my goodness!

  101. It must have been a bad fall if it took you that long not to have pain. You shouldn’t be embarrasses. You are not the first, nor the last and it’s better than pooping yourself and I’ve seen people do that.

  102. Awww, that must have been awful!! It must have been more serious than just a bruise though if it took 3 years to stop hurting! Just glad it got better for youo!

    One time in a hallway I was walking a little bit too fast and then it happened. I stumbled, tripped or something and I felt myself going down in sloooooow moooootion! Good grief but it was embarrassing!!! But at least there wasn’t anyone there(At least that I saw!!) and I didn’t get hurt. I feel for you gal!! 🙂

  103. OH Man!! My friend is a professional faller 🙂 The most embarrassing one was at St. Pauls Basilica..the MECA for Catholics! You are suppose to whisper and be very quiet. She face plants it going up the stairs and her camera went flying across the church. Ironic this is…no one rushed to help her. Wasnt this the popes church?!? Whats wrong with people? haha

  104. I am always falling down or banging my head on something. My mom did not name me Grace for a reason. Don’t feel too bad, I hurt my shoulder trying to scratch an itchy spot on my back…don’t ask. lol Glad you were not too seriously hurt though!

  105. That was some shopping trip! Glad that you are ok, I had to read the definition of contusion – and had to laugh a little when I saw bruise!
    Congrats on being FB today!

  106. Oh you poor thing!
    I once fell. It was a rainy night and I had my 5 month old son. My husband pulled up to the curb right outside the mall. Apparently, I cannot walk in the rain while carrying something.
    I missed the step and went flying. My son went flying. It was horrid.
    Hey, thanks for the blog post idea! =)

    Happy SITS day!

  107. Arrrgh! I missed your SITS Day! But better late than never! 😉

    You poor thing! But how cool the employees there all rallied to your ‘rescue’… 😉

    Happy SITS Day…a day late! 🙂

  108. Oh my word! Lol! Thanks for sharing!

  109. You poor, little thing!!

  110. That’s awful. I once fell at work, crossing the middle of a busy aircraft hangar. As it happened I was hoping beyond hope nobody noticed. Then there were roughly 17 men in blue work shirts, hovering over me to make sure I hadn’t ruptured my spleen or anything. I hadn’t but I still cried…out of shame. Yours sounds worse. 😉 Glad you eventually healed up.

  111. Owie! Sorry that you felt embarrassed, but glad that you had help (even grumpy help!) 😉

  112. I;m still laughing 🙂
    Great post!
    over the sits.

  113. Sorry I’m a day late visiting from SITS. Wow -what a funny story. I had a long hard day & I needed a good laugh – so thank you! Hope your day in the SITS spotlight was fun!

  114. Holy embarassing! And if front of everyone! At least you survived to tell the story! Were the dishes worth it!? 🙂

  115. oh that reminds me of a fall I did just walking down the street, my foot went from under me, nothing to trip me, fell right in front of two people – over nothing !!! lol

    So I know how you feel, and yes, it makes me laugh all the time!

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