Wordful Wednesday: I’ve Got A Goal…

…And I’ve Got Less Than 40 Days!


Where has the time GONE?!


My sister-in-law is getting married on May 9th.

I’m the Matron of Honor.


See my countdown over to the left? That’s how many days I have to get back in shape!

When I was in high school, my mom would, occasionally, kindly remind me that my metabolism wouldn’t always be kind to me.

Why didn’t I listen to her?!

Oh, that’s right. I thought I knew everything!

Well, of course…mother knows best.

My metabolism got the best of me.

And so did Clomid and infertility and depression.

In 2003, I was at or near my heaviest weight.

I don’t exactly want to, but I need to, so let’s go down “my weight” memory lane.

Also, I’m only 5’2″ so when I put on weight, it really shows. Especially in my face and butt.

It’s not a pretty story.

Looking at the pictures make me want to puke (the older ones) and therefore, give me motivation to do something about it so I don’t get back to where I once was.

2003 –
While I was on Clomid and majorly depressed. My heaviest weight ever.


May 2005 –
After I had started losing weight for the first time.

June 2005

August 2005 –
My sister’s wedding


2007 –
Getting close to my heaviest weight again.

December 2007 –
Right before I decided to do something about my weight, again.

May 2008 –
Um, holy boobage – just noticed. Oops.

September 2008
May 2009

I have not been to the gym since approximately October 2008. Before then I was there almost every. single. day. I was so toned up and I had lost about 20’ish pounds. I was taking a Kwando class, which I loved, and doing a bunch of other workout stuff.

So, what made me stop?

My damn Achilles!

It was to the point where I could barely walk.

I thought I’d just take it easy and see how it went and hopefully it would heal up on it’s own. I never went to the doctor for it, which I know I should’ve.

Every time I thought (and think) it’s gotten better, I can feel some pulling. It’s not ouch-I can’t-walk type of pain, but oh-wow-yeah-I-can-still-feel-it-pulling-and-don’t-want-to-do-more-damage type of pain.

It sucks!

So I took a “break” to let it heal.

Then I just got out of the habit of going to the gym.

Believe me.

I’ve thought about that damn gym almost every day since I stopped going.

With guilt.

For not being there.

I definitely feel better physically and better mentally about myself when I feel good and look good.

I decided that this is it. I HAVE to get back to the gym.

I’m in a wedding. I want to look hot.

My tummy is pooching again.

My arms are no longer toned. I was in love with my toned arms. Not joking. They were hot.

My butt and thighs are starting to spread.

My jeans that were too big for me, fit me again.

It’s really sad. And depressing!

I’m doing something about it now. No more TALKING about it.

Yesterday was my first day back. I’m going back today. And tomorrow.

Tomorrow my trainer that I used to work out with is going to workout with me and show me his “new bag of tricks”. I’m excited. He kicks my butt and I NEED that right now.

SO, in less than 40 days, hopefully my dress with look smokin’ on me and my arms will be toned and hot again!

Wish me luck.

And kick my butt into shape!



  1. You can do it! I believe in you!

  2. Good luck! Sounds like you’ve got the motivation and the drive to do it!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. You can do it, and the wedding is just extra motivation! You look great!

  4. You totally GOT THIS!!! You go girl!!!

    And you are beautiful in ALL those pictures!!!

  5. Some of those pictures I didn’t see you as ‘heavy’ at all!!! So, if that was your HEAVIEST!!?? Wow. Lucky you! lol

    I know you’ll be hot at the wedding, no worries! Keep us up to date!

  6. You’re really beautiful in all those photos!! I know you can lose the extra pounds that you want gone! Keep us posted!!

    I know first hand how much clomid/depression can pack on to you! Why did I have the wild idea to try it again!! Now I’m trying Femara since I have known two friends who have had succss with it! Sorry to say it comes with weight gain too!! πŸ™

  7. Good luck! I know you can do it – it’s really hard to get started but once you are doing it, it gets so much easier! Yay for you!

  8. Looking forward to seeing the smokin’ hot pictures of you at the wedding!

  9. Whoo-hoo Megan!!! You can do it girl!

  10. Good Luck!! I just posted something just like this on my blog too! haha Looks like we think alike. I don’t have a wedding or anything to be in but I have a 1 year wedding anniversary that I’d like to feel good about myself at. Anyways..good luck. hopefully we can motivate eachother!!

  11. I am 5’2, so I am the same way! I was just looking at my thighs, thinking~ hmm… flabby and white. Nice.
    I am in with you! Let’s see what 40 days brings us!

  12. You are so cute! I am sure you can do it. I think you look good now, so looking great should be no problem!!

  13. Good Luck! I totally believe in you! You will do great!

  14. You Can Do It!!

  15. Way to motivate yourself, Megan. You can do this. I admire you for sharing those pictures – I will never in a million gazillion years let anyone see my invitro-med/depression-induced weight pictures. Of course, yours are much prettier than mine. I think you look fabulous now, but don’t let that stop you from getting fit and healthy.

  16. Good luck!! I’m going to be in a wedding at the end of June and I’d like to lose some weight and tone up before then, but I haven’t started yet. :p I’m moving in two weeks, so after that I’ll get my butt in gear! πŸ™‚

  17. Good for you, girlie! It’s amazing how just a few days at the gym can boost my spirits and get me feeling good about myself again. Is it the same for you? You’re on the right track. Look out, Matron of Honor dress – here comes Megan!

    On another note, I’m a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding on June 21st. This post reminds me that I need to get the toned arms I had at my own wedding back again. I have 11 weeks, 4 days. πŸ™‚ Time to get crackin’!

  18. Good luck. I suggest High Fiber Pop Tarts. I lost three pounds in five days just in time for my RE appointment. They are some SERIOUS fiber.

  19. You so do NOT look anything close to fat or overweight in any of those pictures.

    I do know what you mean about wanting to let an injury heal on it’s own, then never going back to the gym. I hurt my knee almost 2 years ago, and I’ve been scared to go back to the gym for fear of it swelling back up on me. I really should just go have the doctor look at it, because I know I won’t be able to start working out again until I do.

    Good luck getting fit for the wedding!

  20. You can do it! Way too go! Once you get in the swing of things, it is SO much easier!

  21. You can totally do it!!!

  22. OK…GO GIRL GO….
    I am pulling for you πŸ™‚

    But I am here to say as well…I love everyone one of those lovely and yes BEAUTIFUL smiles!

  23. Pshaw! You’re gorgeous–and I’m not just saying that because everyone’s always nicey-nice in comment sections! I know how it is, though, to not feel good about yourself, DESPITE what others may say. So, you get after it…we’re right behind you!

  24. You will rock their socks off! I have complete faith in you! I think you look fabulous now!

    (holy boobage….giggle giggle!!)

  25. YOU CAN DO IT!

    IF I CAN DO IT — and trust me I have the willpower and motivation of a 500 lbs beached whale!


  26. OH man I feel for ya, except I haven’t been to the gym since july 08, I totally win.

    Ok, we’ve got to motivate eachother! My husband goes everyday, why can’t I get off my butt?

    Good luck woman!

    And I agree with everone else, You. Look. Great!

  27. Well, I think you are looking great! Plus a couple things you’ve got going for you is that you definitely seem to lose weight fast and tone up easily. So, you can do it! Nothing like a couple hundred blog followers to keep you going;)

  28. And I wish I had a gym membership and I wish I lived closer to you so I could join you. I definitely need something to motivate me now! Motivate me to stay away from cupcakes that is;)

  29. You can do it! And we want a ticket to “the gun show!” when your arms are back to what you want them to be πŸ™‚ I got your tapes today. Thank you so much. I’ll be working out too! Legs of steel here I come πŸ™‚

  30. If you did it before you can do it again! Your beautiful no matter what and if you have the motivation to do it, more power to ya!
    I have 1 1/2 months to get rid of my last bit of baby fat before the girls weekend in Vegas. We can do it together!

  31. Thank you everyone for the kind comments and encouragement! I’ll definitely be keeping you all up to date on how it goes! =) SO good to know I’ve got a bunch of motivators cheering me on!

  32. I don’t know if I have the guts to post a picture of my heaviest weight!

    More power to you for posting all these – you are adorable in every single picture!

    Maybe once I get these last 15 pounds off I’ll do my own little trip down memory lane.

    You can totally do it – I believe in you!

  33. I am wishing you all the luck in the world!

    I honestly thought you looked great in all of your pics by the way. But I know it’s more about how YOU feel. You are already so cute.

  34. Can I tell you I hate you … heavy whatever girl! You look AMAZING!!! But no matter what I’m here cheering you on, even though secertly I hate you .. LOL just playing!

  35. well, I think you look beautiful no matter what your size, but I support you! go girl! you can do it!

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