Totally Awkward Tuesday: Massager & Body Massager Are Not The Same Thing

Zanders mediko-mekaniska gymnastikredskap

When I was a senior in high school, a group of us went to my friend, Riika’s, grandma’s beach cabin in Ocean Shores. Actually, it must’ve been right after graduation because it was Riika’s birthday, too (and her birthday is at the end of July).

I had made it sort of a tradition to get my friends “naughty” gifts on their 18th birthday. As an example, Riika and I got one of the other girls a blow-up doll for her 18th. All in fun, of course.

So we’re at the cabin hanging out. We’d made dinner, played on the beach, walked around town and then on Riika’s actual birthday, she opened her gifts from us.

Now, when I purchased Riika’s gift, I had totally innocent motives. I was thinking that I’d get her something “naughty” and something “nice”. So when I saw a body massager, I was thinking along the lines of something to massage her shoulders or back. When she opened my gift to her, the box said “body massager”. Still wasn’t thinking anything of it.

Can you take a guess at what I bought her?

Come on.

I know you want to.

I know what you’re thinking.

But that’s not what it was…..

Ok. I lied.

You’ve likely guessed what I bought her.

Yes, friends, I bought my best friend her very first vibrator (I have no idea if this is the actual thing I bought her).

Thank you, thank you!

Of course she screamed, while laughing in total disbelief,


Hmmm, well. Yes, I guess I did. AWKWARD.

It. Was. Hilarious. Awkward. But hilarious.

Then when she looked in the bag to see the other things, it turns out that I, so kindly, gave her a tampon too. I was on a roll!

Guess that was supposed to go in my bag. Oops.

She recently told me when the conversation came up again (as it has multiple times in the past 11 years), that she ended up throwing it away.

Guess she’ll never know what she was missing out on.


Sort of.


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  1. This is flippin’ hilarious!!! You should link it up to True Story Tuesday also over at Once Upon A Miracle. It’s perfect for that contest. Too funny!

  2. Classic! I cannot believe she actually threw it away! Poor girl…you’re right; she has no idea what she’s missing out on! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. And, ahem, my college roommmate got me the EXACT SAME ONE in the link, as a gag gift, one year. And ahem, it turned out not to be so “gag”-ish after all!

    (I seem to have a tickle in my throat, don’t I?) Ahem.

  4. That is hysterical. Threw it away???? Likely story.

    Excellent Awkward!!!

  5. Too funny. All I could think was… I hope your friend’s grandma wasn’t there as Riika opened her gift! lol

    Thanks for the Tuesday a.m. giggle ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. funny! the tampon in there was funny, too!!

  7. That is the funniest story!!!!

    Hey – what are friends for anyways? :o)

    I gotta know – what is the name of the store you got it from??? Did that not give anything away of what you COULD be purchasing?

  8. Oh that is too funny!! Not awkward at all!! … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. She “says” she threw it away, but you know she didn’t.

    Very funny and embarassing story.

  10. Oh my! That’s totally hilarous!

  11. Oh wow!! That is too funny! and the tampon is the icing on the cake… ha!

  12. Oh My Gosh! I love it!
    I nearly fell out of my seat laughing!!!

  13. Ha! No way! That’s awesome, especially at an 18th bday, I wish I could have seen her face when she opened it!


  14. Huh-larious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. love the story, and your re-telling of it is fantastic. hysterical!

  16. That’s too funny. At 18, that must have been incredibly awkward. And then… the tampon. What more could she ask for? Hahaha!

  17. That’s fantastic! Nothing says, “You’re a great friend” like a vibrator.

  18. This is frickin’ hilarious! I love that you put the tampon in their too!

  19. LOL What a fabulous gift to give your friend! My best friend and I went and bought our first vibrators together….I think she still has hers…but I felt weird with my boys in the house, so I tossed it. LOL

  20. oh my gosh, so funny. also, timely, as I am getting ready to have a True Romance party.

  21. I see nothing wrong with that as an 18th birthday gift!! LOL

  22. ugh – I think Blogger ate my first comment..

    This is too funny! Not sure I would have gotten over the embarrassment so quick – you have a good sense of humor!

    Glad Carebear sent you over (Love to meet Washingtonians!)

    Have a great day!

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