Heidi’s wedding is on May 9th…9 days away. Eek!!

This is my dress:

Obviously, I can’t wear a regular bra because the front is too low cut.

If I wear something like this, you’ll be able to see it, still.

The leading adhesive bra for millions of women worldwide for over 18 years.

Light, airy, comfortable, water-resistant, and absolutely reliable.

Our exclusive lace-like material breathes and molds to your individual shape. Unlike similar products, it has air holes – keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather.

This says it lifts, but I just don’t see how that’s possible, plus it would still be visible.

A Breast Lift without Surgery.
A substantial uplift without cosmetic surgery.

In just mintues, you will have a Beautiful Lift and a new you!

Brings up your breast and hides the excess skin, giving it a round, full shape and creating a perfect cleavage.

I could try this, I suppose, but it doesn’t say anything about “lifting” the girls. While I may not be ginormous, or even large in the boobage department, I don’t want them drooping to my knees!

The first truly BREATHABLE clear adhesive bra Clear Reveal has thousands of tiny holes that allow for exceptional breath-ability and comfort.

No other clear adhesive bra can make this claim and Braza has applied for a patent using this unique hi-tech medical grade technology. Micro-porous, non-sensitizing, disposable adhesive bra.

Since Clear Reveal Bra is invisible, no one will know you are wearing a bra, even if your skimpy dress or top shifts when you walk, dance, bend or exercise.

What do you suggest I wear with this dress? I can’t just go free-balling free-boobing!



  1. Beautiful dress. I’d take the dress with me to the store and ask for help. Not the 16 year old gum popper behind the register but look for an older woman who might know what she’s talking about.

  2. I agree with Kate – take it to Nordstrom’s and work with one of their fitters to find something. They are very helpful. Good luck!

  3. i agree with the pp, take it with you to try on bras {nordstrom’s is always good} + ask to work with someone who knows what they are doing. good luck!

  4. That dress is great!

    And dont even BOTHER with the adhesive bras… OH MY… I tried them once… not good! not good at all!!!

    Maybe there is a strapless that is cut pretty low? Or maybe you can have your straps adjusted in the back to cause the front to come up a little higher to cover a bra?

    Whatever you do – you’re going to look FIERCE!

  5. Haha! I love free ballin! I love the dress! Hmmm, now what to wear with the dress? I don’t know! I’ll ask around to see if anyone has used any of those.

    What about duct tape? I hear it fixes everything.

    (Got you entered in the best damn giveaway ever!)

  6. These ladies are so smart!

    I agree with Rebecca Jo…. don’t bother. I did for my sister’s wedding years ago and let me say I think my skin has finally grown back. Yes, they literally ripped my skin off when removed.

    Kate and MM are right. Take the dress with you. Lots of high end dept stores now have “Boob Experts”. They will fit you with the right bra for your dress. I know there are quite a fex strapless numbers that feature low pluge necklines now so you shouldn’t have a problem.

    The dress is beautiful and you look great!

  7. That is a tricky predicament!

    What are you wearing under the dress in the photo? Anything? It looks like the dress might have pretty good lift on it’s own. Is it thick enough to, uh… handle the chill in the air? If so, then maybe just a couple of those little push up gel thingies would do the trick? – but yeah, I agree with the first few comments – definitely take the dress into the bra store with you and see what advice they have.

    You could also wear a low cut bra and have one of the mamas at the wedding put a couple stitches into the back to hold the strap down below the edge of the dress.

    I love that dress!!

  8. Maybe somehting from Fasion Forms would work? Like the “U-Push” or the “Nu-Bra”? I know they carry Fasion Forms brand at Macys.

    Good luck!

  9. Adorable dress!

    Dr. Ray (of Dr. 90210- which, I can’t stand!) has a new shape-wear, plunge bra. It has underwire, boning, and spandex. You won’t be droopy in this one! 🙂
    I think they sell it at Sears and HSN.com.

    Good luck!!!

  10. So, I was browsing the latest issue of US Weekly and there on page 74 it read “Pick your perfect bra!”. So I thought immediately of you. Here is the link to what they suggested for a dress with a plunging neckline: http://www.herroom.com/Fashion-Forms-29064-Plunge-Bodysuit.shtml

  11. Ok, I havent’ read the previous comments, but I suggest going to a lingerie store and buying a bustier that will suck in the belly (like wearing spanx!! yay) and perk up the girls without needing straps, etc.

    And those adhesive ones HURT LIKE A MOTHER to take off. Word to the wise, stay away!

  12. Awww…how lovely you are!

    I see the need for the special bra
    and I have this to say…

    OWWWWWEEEE… for the adhesives….EEE ghads, no. LOL

    I am in the camp with taking your dress with you and hitting the shops. Let the gals work for the money! LOL

  13. You look gorgeous!

    Free boob it!

    Liberate yourself!

    Let those puppies breathe!


  14. I have no idea, sorry.

  15. i wore a stick on bra once – it was AWFUL!! i agree with the first few comments – get good, qualified help from a professional! you might even consider going to a bridal shop for some help.

    love the dress, btw!

  16. I agree with the advice here as a former bra sales manager, get toi a good lingerie dept or VS store, they’ll have something.

  17. What do you have on in the picture? Because that looks great. I used to avoid strapless/spaghetti strap at all cost because I am quite large and in charge up there. Since having a baby, this are a little smaller, but uh, ‘shorty got low, low, low, low, low’. hehe.

  18. OUCH… Just seeing photos of those pasty things makes the hair on my arms stand up.

    I wore them ONCE for my bridal shower. Not only did that do anything for me… but they were not so pleasant coming off.

  19. Duct tape! Just kidding! I have no idea, hope you find something that works.

  20. Such a cute dress!

    I have no clue what to tell you about the bra thing though… I probably wouldn’t be able to wear this dress without a regular bra.

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