Aloha Friday: Easter Edition

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Totally random question for you this week is:

What is your favorite memory from Easter growing up?

My answer:

One year my grandma had all the kids play a game. I’m assuming she had talked with all the parents before she decided on this little game, to get their approval first.

When we arrived, we had a cut-out bunny put on our backs. Two of the bunnies had a tail and all the others didn’t. Those of us that had the tail, got to go and search the yard for a REAL bunny. I had one and my aunt had one.

So I searched through all the bushes in the front yard and the back yard. Eventually I found a brown bunny. I named him Jason, after a boy I had a crush on. My aunt found the other one, a white one with red eyes. She named him Snowball.

So my sister wouldn’t feel left out, my aunt gave my sister her bunny.

I’m not sure how long we had the bunnies but I took care of them every day. I think I was about four or so.

(and I remember when we no longer had them but that’s a sad story for another day.)

Here I am searching for the bunnies. That’s my mom standing there watching me.

I know there is a picture somewhere that actually shows the bunny but my mom doesn’t know where it is. I just happen to have this one for some reason. (my mom is the keeper of all the childhood pictures.)




  1. Look at your long hair & pretty Easter dress!!! I LOVE old pictures!!!

    those comics are hilarious too!!!

  2. Too cute. One year my my got up and took a powder puff and put bunny “tracks” around the house (although I actually can only remember them being in the garage). We were thrilled!

  3. How great that you have that photo! It is precious.

  4. Those jokes are cute! LOL I am with Rebecca Jo…I love old pics too. Happy Easter.

  5. What a great idea your Grandma had! That must have been a lot of fun!

    I remember the year I couldn’t find my basket, and all the other kids had. Doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider the fact I was like 12 and everyone else was at least 3 years younger than me. I was made fun of for a long time! And yes I realize I was kinda old, my grandparents made me a basket until I was in my early 20’s (didn’t have to hunt for after I was in my teens though!)!

  6. Ha! That card brings back memories! It was the first card my husband gave me. He sent it to me before we met in person and I thought it was hillarious! Best card ever.

  7. Great comics! My mom fell asleep before me and thats how I found out there was no easter bunny! She felt awful! Come over and link up! Enter a few giveaways while your there 🙂

  8. look at your hair, it was so long! and the dresses are beautiful. i love the picture!

    my favorite easter memory? it actually was more recent, before the babies were born. nothing special really, it was just one of those holidays where everything goes perfectly well.

  9. For several years my parents and extended family would rent a house at the beach (about 2 hours away from home) and I remember that there was this one park that had a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt each year. Most years it would rain… life in the pacific northwest! So we’d end up soaking wet with baskets full of candy and afterwords we’d go out to Moe’s and eat clam chowder. Those Easter’s were the BEST!!! lol

  10. Love your photo. My easter memory is our sunrise service on Sunday mornings. I am going to write a post about it:)

  11. I love the picture! My memories are pretty much all the same.. we dressed up for church, had a huge Easter Meal, then Went searching for eggs.

  12. What beautiful long hair you had! Loved the story & the jokes too. Cute.

    When I was little we would go to my paternal grandparent’s & grandma would play lawn games w/ us. Thank you for reminding me of that. I had almost forgotten!

  13. Love your Mom’s dress. My favorite childhood Easter memory has to be all about my basket and my family being there for dinner. I love anytime that I can remember spending with my family. They’re the best.

  14. I love the photo!

    I remember getting up on Easter mornings and searching for my basket.

  15. Great post…happy easter!

  16. What a cute Easter story! I had a couple bunnies when I was little too but they would fight so we had to keep them in separate cages. Loved those bunnies though!

  17. what a great memory!

    loved the comics!

  18. Hahaha! The Easter bunny gets a rude awakening!!!

    My favorite Easter memory is that my dad used to leave presents around the house for me and my brothers and we would have to solve these intricate riddles my dad made up to find our presents and we would work together and be so psyched when we solved a riddle!

  19. How cool that you guys got to look for actual bunnies!! Love the picture – too cute! And the jokes were hilarious! Happy Easter!

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