Week-End Wordle, a Rant and a Rave

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I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school and we had the “home ec” type classes where they taught us how to sew and cook and how to balance a checkbook. They also taught us how to interview for a job. They say that the first 5-10 seconds are the most crucial in determining if a potential employer will like you. Part of that is with your handshake. We would have to practice and practice and practice until we had the handshake nice and firm but not so firm you’re taking the persons hand off. This has always stuck with me and I think I have a nice, firm handshake.

But do you know how many people out there are like totally limp noodles with their handshake? It’s actually rather pathetic. These big wig professionals. They may be the presidents of their companies or whatever, but they suck with their handshakes.

As you {may} know, I had two interviews this week. The first one was with a guy. Not some little bean pole wimpy guy. He was solid. But his handshake was nothing like you would expect coming from a solid guy in the construction industry. He barely touched my hand! I don’t get it.

Then yesterday, was my interview for medical billing / records. It was a group interview (Hello, Uncomfortable! I’ve never had a group interview before and I never want to again! I will be SHOCKED if I’m offered this job!).

So we’re in our little group of five. Once that part of the interview was over, the two ladies that were doing the interviewing said they were going to go and review the resumes and come back to get a couple of us to actually meet the doctor. She came back and said that she liked this group so she wanted us all to meet him, but he had a patient to see in 15 minutes. Just like speed dating, except for a job here. LOL I went in and met the doctor. He was a tall man with a good handshake. I wouldn’t call it great but it was a hell of a lot better than the others I’ve been getting.

I’m trying to remember where the other horrible handshake was. I think maybe it was the agency for the first interview and the girl that originally interviewed me. She was another limp noodle hand-shaker. I could be wrong, but I’m drawing a blank on the other places I’ve been recently.

So this whole rant and rave about handshakes. To me, because of what I was taught at an early age, handshakes are important. They show confidence (or lack thereof). It turns me off to the person when their handshake is so limp. Especially if it’s a big wig professional.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a solid or limp handshake and why do you think that is?

A couple weeks ago, I won a contest from Kalei @ bloggedy blog blog. I was so excited. I’m rather obsessed with blankets. You can never have too many. And she handmade this one so it was a bonus. I received it in the mail this week and she is WAY TOO GENEROUS!! Seriously. I was only expecting to get the blanket. But she included a BIG extra in there too.

First, here’s the pictures of it. It’s so cute!

How cute is that little pocket thingy? So, she included a $50 GC to Cheesecake Factory! How awesome is she? Totally blew my mind. When I opened it I said out loud “Holy Crap!” LOL Thank you SOOOOOOO much Kalei! I love the blanket and Kyle and I will enjoy a fun night out thanks to you! And I love the little note you included too. Made it that much more personal. Thank you again and again and again! =D



  1. I agree, a firm handshake is a must.

    Love the blanket, it’s so cute πŸ™‚

  2. Hello from a firm handshaker! Good luck with getting a job and congrats on winning the cool handmade blanket What a fun surprise inside! I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog right now so come check it out! πŸ™‚

  3. Delurking…Found your blog through MckMama’s Not Me Monday a while back and started keeping up with you.

    We were taught the importance of a nice firm handshake in school too. In 8th grade my english teacher was a veteran and she made us come into class everyday and greet her and the students sitting next to us with a handshake. She made sure we made eye contact and that there was none of that limp noodle stuff going on. haha Since then I’ve always noticed and appreciated a nice handshake.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a lovely present! My father actually used to have me practice my firm handshake lol. I’ve always been very petite so he was worried people wouldn’t take me seriously. I must have been 9 or 10 when we sat down and had the talk about handshakes. And I can shake with the best of em! πŸ™‚

  5. How generous was that!! You must of just been blown away. I agree with the handshake. I used to be the interviewer and most people shake with nothing to back it up. And, you really do take note of it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining~ it is here but I am feeling yucky, so I have retreated to my bed for a while with the laptop.

  6. My husband and I are always talking about handshakes. They mean a lot to us. I can’t stand when woman have those wimpy-dead-fish handshakes or when they hold them up like you’re supposed to kiss their hand or something…ummm…ookkkaaayyyy….

  7. Yeah, the limp handshake thing is weird – I think sometimes, shaking hands with a girl makes men think they have to be “gentle.” Maybe that’s because some girls are wet noodles, too. It’s like, what do you DO with that?

    Congrats on the beautiful blanket – so pretty! – and how great is a GC to Cheesecake Factory? $50 is huge!

  8. What a great blanket!! How neat that she also sent that generous GC! What a sweetie!

    You have me thinking about the whole handshake thing! I recently met my new principal and would love to be her assistant principal next year and I am freaking out because I don’t think I had a good handshake!! As an aspiring administrator this is something I need to work on!! Thanks for the tip!! Praying your job interviews went well and bring forth the perfect job!


    BTW I am having another contest this week that includes another blog makeover!!

  9. Love the Wordle!

    Im all for a firm handshake too. I never learned the importance of one in home-ec though. I ~think~ that I learned it while a group of us were preparing for an awards night at school. The guidance councellor said a FIRM handshake was appropriate. Not something to crush the bones but definitely NOT a limp fish one needed to be used. I’ve always used a firm shake and really kinda look down on guys (figuratively as Im only 5’5″)that cant provide a good grip. In fact, I’ve been known to compliment a guy on his handshake when it’s done properly.

  10. i am right there with you on the handshake…no limp noodle shake here, mine is firm. what i find bizarre is that it always makes people look at me quizzically.

    the blanket is beautiful + the extra is wonderful!

  11. I’m a firm believer in a well, firm, handshake! And I definitely notice if they are limply given!! Cute blanket!!

  12. Nice Wordle, my friend! Thank you SO much for participating! It gives me warm fuzzies when people come back again to my bloggy! =)

    I LOVE the “limp noodle” description of the handshakes…I had a teacher in grade school who taught us not to have that kind of handshake AND she used the same analogy! LOL

    And what a sweet surprise you got with your beautiful blanket! (I absolutely adore handmade items) It just goes to show that there are still some very generous and caring people out there.

  13. cute blanket (we have bunches of blankets, too)

    firm handshakes are a must for me. i think i have a nice firm handshake. if i ever get a chance to meet you, you can evaluate me πŸ™‚

  14. Yep, gotta have a firm handshake. And no sweaty palms. I had a massage today from a guy with sweaty palms, and all I could think about was the sweat he was smooshing into my skin. Yes, I showered when I got home.

    And what a cool prize. I just realized I forgot to put my note in but ummm pretend. And no $50 gc, sorry πŸ™‚

  15. OMG…that is so awesome! What a great gift!! I so wanted to win that blanket!….
    Firm handshakes….I hate limp ones..lol(that’s what she said)

  16. Love me some firm handshake the other hand on the arm is you really like the person is acceptable even.

    Nice Blog!

  17. I completely agree about the importance of good handshakes… AND the group interviews – those totally SUCK! I’ve had to do a couple of those and I hated them. I finally told my boss that I absolutely refused to do another – I don’t see how anyone benefits from something like that. On the flip side, I once showed up to be interviewed by a company and found out that I was going to have to sit before and answer FIVE interviewers (all in a group). The process was very intimidating.

    That is sooooo awesome about the blanket and GC!!! WOWEE! Congratulations!

  18. We were brought up the same way, firm handshake even for a woman. I hate shaking woman’s hands that think they need to be all dantie and give you only there finger tips!

    I hate group interviews had two of them, got the job both times so you never know. What type of doctor? I worked for a group of plastic surgeons for 7 years talk about god complex. Love the medical field I was actually thinking of going back that way.

    Hope your having a wonderful Saturday!

  19. OH – and I LOVE your new blog header and background!!!

  20. First off, I adore the new header. Much love for your blog coming from me right now. Nicely done!

    Second, the blanket is to die for cute. So glad you were on the receiving end of this great prize.

    Third, handshakes are critical to success in life. Without a good one, how can you really expect to get ahead? πŸ™‚


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