I just kind of feel like this today.

I can’t think of anything interesting or funny to talk about.

I’m just feeling irritated and blah.

TMI…but we’re {almost all} women here…my lovely monthly visitor should be here by now but is just being a bitch and taking her time showing her face. She’s been teasing me all week with her friend ‘spotting’ and it’s driving. me. nuts. Just get here already so I can be over and done with you! Grrr!!

I haven’t had a job for a month now. What have I accomplished? Pretty much nothing. I’ve completely cleaned one room in my house. One. I’ve done more dishes than I have in a long time. More loads of laundry that I can count. But my house is still a disaster.

I’m BORED! Yesterday was the first time I’d left my house all week. How sad is that?

I have a gym membership. Last year, I was there every. single. day. (It certainly helped that there was a trainer there that was EYE. CANDY. He’s gone now.) This year? I haven’t stepped foot in the gym ONE time. NOT ONE! Pathetic! And seriously. I NEED TO! Have I mentioned I’m in a WEDDING? In TWO MONTHS??

Kyle’s grandpa is dying. He’s 88 or something like that. I feel like we need to go and see him. I don’t want Kyle to regret not seeing him one last time, but while Kyle will be sad when he dies, he doesn’t feel the urgency and is planning on working tomorrow instead of heading to the hospital.

I’ve barely spoken to anyone. My conversations consist of reading and responding to blogs. I’m used to interaction. People at my job thought I was funny. (I never did, but they seemed to and now I can’t seem to think of anything to even SAY! Well, except to bitch and complain today. It’s the hormones talking. ;0P)

It’s GORGEOUS out right now. Gorgeous. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. But I’m sitting here in my pj’s, unshowered. Kyle has a project he wants me to work on but he doesn’t even know what he wants and I don’t know what he wants either. Makes it a little difficult to complete. BLAH!!

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!



  1. I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Hard part is, I work – and it’s tough when you’re expected to excel and come up with creative ideas but you want to do is go home and sit, unshowered, in your pj’s and watch TV.

    Hang in there. Hoping tomorrow’s a better day.

  2. It’s nice out but freezing cold! So, I would just stay in my pj’s if I were you:) Maybe it’s an Anne of Green Gables (or some other cry worthy romantic comedy) kind of day. Just an idea..that’s always my cure for pms. That and wine and chocolate cake, but it’s a little early for that.

    Hope you feel better:)

  3. i hate days like that. get dressed and go outside for a walk, the fresh air + sunshine will do wonders for your soul!

  4. I’ve been feeling like this for the last 2 months. I hear you on the spotting too. Grrr. 2 weeks ago, I had a week of spotting, and then my period. Not even a week later, of course I am spotting again. UGH!

  5. I hate days like this – they totally suck. Hang in there and maybe try opening some windows. I agree with Jewel – put in a good movie and just relax!

  6. I hope you can get out and enjoy some of the gorgeous day! And, you feel more like yourself soon.

  7. Step one: take a shower. You will be amazed at how much better you feel.

    I agree with everyone else, take a walk around the block, and open the windows while you’re out so you can come home to freshness.

    Go visit Kyle’s grandpa even if he doesn’t go with you. It’ll get you out of the house, and doing things for other people is always a perk-up.


  8. bless your heart… I hate that kind of irritability!!! The only thing that makes me happy at times like that? sweets!!! Give me chocolate!!

  9. I feel like I’m reading my own thoughts, Megan! I was in your place yesterday. Thursdays seem to always be hard for some reason. It’s been 3 months now since I was laid off. Like you, I tend to stay inside most of the day and I hate when the phone rings. Just do what you feel like doing…don’t force yourself.

    Oh, and I’ve also done tons of dishes and laundry, but my house is a disaster! I *finally* cleaned my bathroom yesterday. Everyone jokes that my house must be *so* clean and I must be getting so many home projects done. Um…that would be a NO!

    The sunshine in GA definitely helped my spirit today. Even though my period is set to arrive any second…today has been a better day. I just sat out on my deck for an hour reading.

    (((HUGS)))…wish we were back at the CPK in Boston eating lunch together. : )

  10. If the weather is nice, get out and go for a walk. Even if it is to get a paper, or the mail. A little outside always makes me feel better when I have the blahs..

    Either that or a hot tub full of bubbles followed by a big ol’ scoop of chocolate ice cream!

    Course, that could be the PMS talking…

  11. Sounds like you got a lot going on, despite not working. Shoot, infertility alone is enough to make my head spin.

    Sorry you’re going through a blah day. I hate those.

  12. I totally agree with Lucky Mrs T….

    BUT I think you can have the bubble bath AND eat the ice cream at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hang in there!


  13. I hear ya… have had many days like that! Keep your head up, this too, shall pass. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am following you too, now!

    Your blog is awesome, have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Feel better! I hate days like that, and I have them quite frequently myself. As far as cleaning, I have plenty of time to do that but I never get around to it. I could be home all day every day and find reasons not to…until that ONE day comes and I just get in gear and get it all done. Yes, a beautiful day!!! I saw some flowers up in our garden. Of course, I had to ask my sister what they were. We have a lot of plants here at our newish home and I am pretty unclear as to what most of them are.

  16. Hell, there have been some days over the last 3 years (IF/not working/living an hour outside the city where my life/friends are) where getting out of bed IS the accomplishment for the day!!
    Let alone humour??!!!!

    Go easy on yourself- the life police aren’t gonna bust you for taking a day off-if they did, I would have been locked up a longggg time ago!!!

    I agree with the others, sunshine, air, breath- start there, before you know it Aunt Flo will be gone and your humour will have returned…peace (and chocolate)

  17. Sorry you’re having a blah day! I’ve been cooped up with a cold so I hear ya! I agree with several of the previous commenters!! Get some sunshine and eat some chocolate!!



  18. Can you tell it is time for spring?
    Agghh… I feel the same way this week. I see from your twitter you went for a long walk, I hope it helped!

  19. Ok, what you need is a bottle of Pinot, a chocolate lava cake from Chili’s, finishing up with a white russian.

    You will feel like you’re on top of the world!

  20. Awwwww! BIG HUGZ to you… hope you’re feeling less blah soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Hope your “blahs” go away soon…

  22. I’ll join you on the BLAH couch! I hope AF shows her ugly face soon.

    (((HUGS))) Keep your chin up girlfriend.

  23. Funny how hectic and interesting your Blah life really is!

    Have a great day!

  24. i felt like that, too. that’s one of the reasons i’m about a week behind in commenting and am trying to catch up on everyone’s blog today!

    plus, i feel icky, too!!!

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