When you say, “I promise!” do you mean it?

If it’s something really important that you’ve promised you’ll never tell, are you good at keeping that promise?

What if it’s something trivial, do you still keep your promise from someone else?

What am I talking about?

I totally get keeping your promise. It’s very important that people can trust you with things, even the little things, right? I get that. Really, I do. I try to keep my promise whether big or small too.


I’m annoyed.

At the job I was just laid off from, I was in charge of creating Homeowner Association binders for all of the different projects. I created a lot of them. Then I had to do all the paperwork to create the Associations too. And when you get all the paperwork back from the State, obviously it’s going to need to go into that binder, right?


I created this one binder for a Condominium Owners Association. And then it grew feet and walked away. Every time something would come in the mail for this particular COA, I would just hold onto it because there was no where for me to put it. I looked in every. single. office. I looked at every. single. binder. in the office. I sent an email to the whole company asking if anyone had seen it. It was NOWHERE to be found. I was so frustrated by this. I told my boss (and friend) about this little dilemma more than once.

Then I was cleaning out my desk after being laid off and came across more stuff to put in this binder. I gave it to my boss to hold onto.

This past weekend when I was working with one of the sales agents I was venting my frustration about this binder that disappeared since she had asked me something about it.

A few minutes ago, I receive an email from my then boss, now just friend:

Our long lost diModa HOA binder has found its way back home =)


Thanks Goodness!! Did you call Ms Megan??


No because I promised the person who had it that I wouldn’t tell and I’m sure Megan would want to know who had it.


I worked with Megan over the weekend, and I’m sure she would be just relieved to know it has been found. However, you know best.


She forwarded the above to me. The smilie, down, is our conversation.



Ahhhhh!! Where was it?


I promised not to tell……they were very embarrassed.


No! You can’t do that to me! I searched for that thing for months! LOL


I can tell you is wasn’t me, but have to keep my promise.


end forward

So, for something so trivial, would you keep your promise? I don’t care if the person is embarrased! I KNEW I had made that stinkin’ binder and I want to know where it was! Grrrrr!!!! I’m sure I’ll never find out though. And it’s not like it’s that big of a deal, but I just want to know! *stomp stomp*



  1. OMG how frustrating!!!!!!!!!

    Hope your doing well sweetie…I have been thinking about ya!

  2. Oh i know it is frustration but i have to say your word IS your word. If the person was genuinely embarressed and it was not “hidden” out of malice then yes i would expect the promise to be kept. It’s just great news it has been found. Irritating as it is I am sure deep deep down you know your boss / friend is doing the right thing.:) Don’t let it wind you up least it’s found 😀 Hugs.xx

  3. yeah..thats frustrating.. i mean you no longer work whats it matter…
    i’m sure it will come out eventually.

  4. Well, I can understand you wanting to know and it seems like a stupid secret because it makes no sense that it should be a secret if it’s just a matter of embarassment – especailly if it was just an accident. HOWEVER, a promise is a promise, even if it’s stupid 😉

  5. They should just tell you already!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Ok, I phrased that wrong. Here’s what I meant. Given that you’re not working there anymore, I don’t see what the big deal for her to tell you. She should just go ahead and tell you!

  8. Frustrating yes but look at it this way: know you know without a doubt that your friend can keep their word…if ever you have a secret for them you know they’ll keep it. 😉

  9. ok, it’s stupid and frustrating, but as i tell my kids, if someone breaks a promise to tell you something, they will break your promises too. i gotta go with holding the promise, but also not being dramatic about it either!

  10. Like others have said, I don’t see why it would be such a big deal to tell you who ‘accidentally’ had it since you don’t work there anymore…but I can also see the point of at least you can trust that friend that won’t tell because they promised – which means whatever promises she makes to you will definitely be kept. 🙂

  11. Well, if she promised not to tell, then she should have kept her mouth shut about it being foudnd to begin with! You don’t put that kind of info out there and not finish the story! Sheesh!

  12. That would drive me absolutely up the wall! But I am bad at keeping secrets… Just a little bit ago I spilled a VERY BIG POT of beans to one brother about our other brother (in my defense I had no idea that it was being kept a secret from said brother, just our mom)… The brother who was not in the know was more upset than the brother who’s beans I spilled, because he felt left out… I feel your pain…

  13. That is so frustrating! I would want to know too – it would drive me insane not knowing!

  14. that’s such a silly thing to promise… like the world will end because someone admitted they messed up, you know?

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