Have You Seen This New Show?


It is now my new Friday night show, since I lead such an exciting life, ya know. lolEvery thing they do, I die laughing. Seriously. Like Laugh Out Loud laughing. I even got my mom watching it this week. We were texting back and forth about the whole show.Here's just a small sampling of what … [Read more...]

Response To "Hi Bob"


(Ignore my facial expression! I wasn't mad, just tired.) I was looking through my yearbooks because I couldn't remember if Kyle had signed any of them. Turns out he signed my yearbooks for freshman and sophomore year but not junior and senior.He signed my yearbook after I signed his freshman year … [Read more...]

"Interview" Update….Megan Needs….(UPDATE) Clickety Click Click


The update on meeting with the Business Careers lady is that it's not very hopeful, which I already knew from my friend. Because of the economy, most companies aren't hiring agencies to find them employees. This company has only placed two people in the past month, which she said has been pretty … [Read more...]

Hey All You Dog People…I Need Your Help


Our {almost} 2 year old yellow lab, Chewy is a total baby doll, cuddle bug, cutie pie. EXCEPT, his most FAVORITE thing to do when we leave the house...like AS SOON as we leave the house, is to get into the garbage. The ONLY time he DOESN'T is when we barricade the garbage bag with other things he … [Read more...]

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